Helloooooooo. It’s the time of the week. It’s Sunday again and it will be my third entry on my blog ‘bout The Sunday Currently.

I can smell the Pag-Ibig Fund Naga Branch office and the breeze of the off campus On-the-Job Training. *Woooot* *woooot* It’s my last semester! Yes I did it! For almost fifteen and a half-years or almost eighty one point something percent of my life I’ve been attending classes, and now all I have to do is to utilize my 240 hours of training. And I’m so excited!


Reading 👀
VANISHED by an author of all times, Danielle Steel that is according to some of the praises that I read, it is Fascinating – tells a good well-paced story and tightly plotted story. I got intrigued so I’ve done some searching on soft copy of the story.

Writing 📝
my post for this Sunday – my volume 3 and filling up the forms to be submitted – requirements for the Off-Campus On-the-Job Training.

  1. Parent’s Permit
  2. Pre-Deployment Survey Form
  3. OJT Liability Waiver
  4. Endorsement
  5. Training Agreement
  6. Student’s Evaluation Form
  7. Student’s Evaluation for OJT Coordinator

Listening 👂
Sister’s very loud voice.  My sister’s point of view instead of gushes – normal act of my mom. I’ve been hearing that since morning and had this “Hoy gising na! Tanghali naaaaaa.” alarm.

Thinking 👱
about MONEY! Gee, there’s a list of the need to and want to in my mind and I don’t know how to satisfy that. Running out of budget. HAHA

Smelling 👃
this time, Victoria’s Secret “Love Spell” and not “Hello Darling” perfume.
And o, the aroma of the lechong kawali at our kitchen. Yum!

Wishing 🌟
hard enough that if I close my eyes, my clothes might magically arrange themselves into a series of neat folded one and our home’s cleanliness will always be “as is” whenever I’m not around, especially when I’m at the boarding house.

– To pass this hell week.

– That the panelists during our Final Oral Defense would sign on the papers that we will lend ‘em tomorrow.

– To have an additional allowance again.

– To get my two sets of OJT Uniform as soon as possible.

– To incessantly survive all the hardships.

Wearing 👕
my ever favorite Jack Daniel’s: Got the best of me Last Night white shirt which I bought last year at Men’s Section of a certain department store. 😀

my parents – mom especially for struggling to hand me the things that I need. Love you mom! 💞

to go to SM Cinema this November 18 and 25 to watch 📺 “Wang Fam”, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2” and “A Second Chance”.


– more more more more TIME to furnish everything for the coming 23rd of November – OJT. Have my forms signed and notarized; Have to have police and barangay clearance, pass the pre-deployment requirements, and pack my things.

– free movie tickets pleaseeeeeeeee

– I need foods like this again so bad


FRUSTRATED and EXHAUSTED thinking of many HOW TOs and WHAT IFs. Arghhhh. Busy week ahead.


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