CERTIFIED OFFICE GIRL/TRAINEE. Wooot wooot. It’s been a hell of a week. Feeling exhausted and tired for seven days – 24/7. I may not be able to post my supposedly 4th sunday currently, but now here it is!

It’s my first time staying away either from my sister or my mom, and I was like “What the hell? How can I make this allowance last for 6 days?”. I experienced now the budgeting part and it’s kinda hard and so as thinking of what to cook for the next meal. Doing laundry every two days and the rotation of the dishwasher of the day is kinda frustrating especially when assigned at morning.

          First week of on the job training at Pag-Ibig Fund Naga Branch was considered as hell week – busy ever. Gosh! I was assigned at “online registration” under Marketing Department – assisting those who want to join the bandwagon and those members who wish to update their membership details and those who want to ask for their registration tracking number and member’s ID number. Dealing with variety of people is quite challenging due to individual differences. There are difficult members and we need to have extended patience. There are also those jolly and naughty members  and I had fun talking and entertaining them.

          There was a time that I felt so down because of that complain from an
angry client, pointing at me and accusing me of giving him wrong number when I was requested to lend transaction numbers – on queing. But then, that’s part of the training.


Reading 👀
facebook posts. Nothing new.

Writing 📝
my post for this Sunday – my volume 4.

Listening 👂
Ariana Grande’s songs. LSS. 😀

Thinking 👱
about MONEY again again. 😀

Smelling 👃
my pillow. Smells like creamsilk. HAHA

Wishing 🌟
for more blessings, good health and long life.

that my wishes were heard by God.

Wearing 👕
my baby blue sando and cotton shorts.

my parents.

to get even.

– classic bavarian and soda. Golly wow.


EXHAUSTED again -_-


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