The grieving chapter of a princess’ life has come-that is losing her mighty king.

     Death is a constant variable in a man’s life cycle, inevitable as what others say. But I am not expecting that to come all of a sudden.

     It is the first day that we will not see and touch his body. First day of moving on. First day of not having him around. I know that he is watching us form above with HIM.


Reading 👀
as usual, facebook posts and personal messages of those people who’s with us on our grieving days.

Writing 📝
my volume 5 post.

Listening 👂
harmonious throwback music that my uncle plays through his loud stereo

Thinking 👱
where my dad is? Is he fine or what?

Smelling 👃
something stinky. -_-

Wishing 🌟
for his safe trip to heaven.
P.S. Pa, please don’t scare me okay? Love you.

that God will welcome my dad with open arms. Dad had been so good, God.

Wearing 👕
black shirt and maong pants.

my dad so much that it hurts.

to tell him this:

Hi Pa,

     How are you? Are you with papa God already?

     You are now away from pain. No more injections. No more stinging pain from syringes when undergoing dialysis. No more “bawal”. You can eat whatever you want now. You will not experience having trembling knees. You can walk straight now. Nine years of life extension is a blessing for us. But now, the expiration of your life has come. We will let go of you now because I know that it’ll make you feel better. 

   Anyway Pa, we have now the car. It was blessed already. No one dared to sit on the shotgun seat till yesterday – your interment. Mama was the first one that was allowed to sit in there. Sayang nga kasi di na tayo makakagala. Di mo man lang din inabot. You’re always welcome there. Sit there whenever you want.

   We miss you so bad. I know that you are always there for us. We love you. :*


Pained. T.T


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