Every day is Christmas! Celebrating life – which is blissful, happy and free, a mixture of happy and sad, and brings both smiles and frowns. Though sometimes it is hurtful and not always fair, when it seem ungrateful and not always kind, and overwhelming and make our head spin. Now, the year has come to end in just few days, let’s continue valuing the gift of life that God gave us.

Hi! It’s Sunday again. It’s my first time to celebrate Christmas without my popsy, and sadly New Year also. I know that he’ll be sad if we will not celebrate those special events. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Pa and to you too. Do not let trials that have grieved us all the day.



Reading 👀
loving to read English poems and novels aside from those local stories that is located at Wattpad. Poems were inspiring and reading novels enriches my oral and written skills and I find it more exciting.


Writing 📝
my blog post this week as well as writing my weekly report so that it’ll be not hard for me to remember what happened on the past weeks since it is normal for a student like me to make such reports a day before the submission of post-training requirements. Cramming, obviously.


STITCHES! My new favourite song sung by an ever handsome young artist – Shawn Mendes. I got attracted with that song on the first time I heard that.

La la la la la la

I’ll be needing stitches.


Thinking 👱
out loud. HAHA. Kidding. I’m thinking of ways on how to save money. I have observed that my allowances for the past few weeks were quite big, and I thought that I can buy those things on my wish list already, but until now, I haven’t done it yet.


Smelling 👃
the burger and fries in front of me. Yummy!


Wishing 🌟
to have these:

  • Backpack
  • Culture tees
  • Rubber shoes
  • A box of classic bavarian doughnuts.


that the things listed on my wish list will be granted by my Santas – plenty Santa huh. 😀


Wearing 👕
BSOA shirt and just plain maong shorts. And well, my original Ipanema slippers. Mwahaha


Loving 💞
the whole wide world – so that it’ll be fair.


To have a prosperous New Year.


Rest. I’ll just go on a quiet corner, fold my hands and sit. I know that soon I’ll feel so rested and will be glad that I stopped a bit.


weary – I need to rest a little bit.




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