291020151204_1_Fotor_Fotor_Collage_FotorSee a war, I wanna fight it. See match, I wanna strike it – quoted from 5 Seconds of Summer’s JET BLACK HEART. Am I ready to see a war? Am I ready to see a match?

My days as a student – almost fifteen and a half-years or almost eighty one point something percent of my life will be over in two more months’ time. I will be receiving a degree in BS in Office Administration. I can’t wait! 😀

It’s Sunday again and sadly, tomorrow is Monday! I so hate Mondays. MONDAY for me, as an intern, means that I am going back again to one of the busiest government office I’ve ever been. Gosh! I will be traveling to city this afternoon, be back to our boarding house, going to prepare my stuffs for tomorrow, and gonna be independent for a week again.




Reading 👀
I am fascinated with books about werewolf. I have 7 books on line that are waiting to be read. As a matter of fact, I am enjoying reading not only English novels but also short stories. As of now, I am reading a story entitled I SAVED THE ALPHA. The story’s kinda cute. Anyway, I’m not promoting that, I do not just observe favoritism.

Writing 📝
my blog post this week as well as writing weekly report and making draft of my narrative report.

Listening 👂
OMG! 5 Seconds of Summer is dominating the countdown again! As what I have seen on MYX International Top 20.

‘Cause I’ve got a jet black heart

And there’s a hurricane underneath it

Trying to keep us apart

I write with a poison pen

But these chemicals moving between us

Are the reason to start again

Gosh. LSS again. It was so so so nice to see the boys again. ❤

Thinking 👱
I have had a dream about myself and my family living on a beautiful well-renovated home. I’m thinking of what can I contribute unto the beautification or development of our home sweet home in the near future.

I think that dream has come into life little by little. As I got home this Friday evening, there were some changes – on the flooring of our dining area, before, you need to take a single step down when going in there, now it’s plain and flat already. The replica of MAMA MARY was already at our grotto that was built years ago. God is so good for showering us these blessings!

Smelling 👃
these set of foods. Geez. I’m going to miss these!



Wishing 🌟
I don’t have anything on my wish list yet.

that this week will not be tiring and will be full of fun.

Wearing 👕
my blue statement shirt saying “no 1 cares at all” and my white cargo shorts.

Loving 💞
everyooooooooooone. I LOVE YOU!

anything that can be wanted. Mwahahaha.

MONEY. I hella need money!!!!!
And to go to Starbucks as well. -_-

Hungry. Bow.


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