I finally found my voodoo dolls! I badly need one. -_-
Last Thursday night was so ecstatic. My heart was quite pounding as we entered this resto “Que Pasa”.
     Que Pasa is a resto just behind the Porta Mariae. This place is beautiful and spacious big. The place is an al fresco high ceiling dine area with tons of art everywhere. You need to have your camera ready for photo shoot after dining. A combination of street-like and Spanish ambiance was observed. One of the most interesting part of this place is the restroom with art design labelling its three door into que gwapo, que gayon and querebels- totally eye catching part. They have a variety of barbeques, sauces, and side dishes. Other than that, they have some dessert, totally mouth watering! And some drinks with raspberry and lime flavour. They also have a bar counter and the like.
     It’s my first time on that place and the ambiance was quite weird. I suddenly felt the feeling of being lost in a moment. The foods and drinks were somehow expensive most especially dessert. Gosh. Our pockets were abused. Nevertheless, I was mesmerized by the concept of the place. The art were pure perfection. The paintings were cute and colorful – from wall, bar counter, doors, and pillars. O. The staff of the resto were all nice. Thanks for taking some of our pictures guys!
   Though it’s weird, I finally found my voodoo dolls there! My obssession suddenly rose upon the sight of the vodoo dolls that is for sale.


Reading 👀
Blogs under WordPress. Impressive as what I’ve expected. In the mean time, I am reading some English short stories again. Gosh my innocence was somehow corrupted by the matured scenes. HAHA. Kidding aside, I am old enough to handle those.

Writing 📝
My goddamn weekly report. I just keep on repeating and repeating and just editing some of the contents.

Listening 👂
As usual, the voice of my boys Luke, Mike, Ash and Calum of 5 Seconds of Summer singing these lines from my ever favourite song – VOODOO DOLL.

I can feel you watching
even when you’re nowhere to be seen
I can feel you touching
even when you’re far away from me
Tell me where you’re hiding your voodoo doll
 ’cause I can’t control myself
I don’t wanna stay,
wanna run away but I’m trapped
under your spell

And it hurts in my head
and my heart in my chest
And I’m having trouble
catching my breath
Ooh ooh
Won’t you please stop
loving me to death?

Thinking 👱
How to have one of that voodoo dolls displayed in that store. I am thinking of ways to have enough money.

Smelling 👃
The minty smell of my breath. Lol.

Wishing 🌟
That next week would be the arrival of my new shoes and shirts. Mwahaha

To have a great week ahead.

Wearing 👕
Black shirt as a sign of mourning and my grey cotton shorts.

Loving 💞
Myself so much. Loving yourself first before loving anything else.


These foods again.
New pair of shoes. GOSH!

Money again and again.

AWESOME and OPTIMISTIC. I don’t know why but it’s in me now.


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