Bhai the Explorer
          It’s been a week of fun and excitement! Bhai became Dora the explorer for a night. Strolling Magsaysay Avenue with my cousin-dear Sarah, classmates – Kath and Bel and new found friends – Pia, Bulah, Marilyn, Jojo and Yhep. Looking for a fine cafe that costs less, we wandered around the area.



Located at Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City. Just across the Starbucks and in front of Infinitea.
Kopi Roti, based on my source, is a traditional Singaporean coffee shop serving Singaporean specialty beverages and breads. Kopi Roti-Philippines began its operation middle of August 2005. Kopi Roti never fail to offer its value proposition to their client – fantastic taste, shared memories, and a unique dining experience – all at a reasonable cost. Quoting the source.
It’s my first time on that set. The place is not so nerve-racking as what I’ve expected. In fact, the feeling being in there was just like those at some common cafes or food chains.
          Ordered Kopi Roti’s Kopi Jelly. The drinks and pastries were quite less expensive than those iced coffees from other cafe. The iced coffee that I had was good. Thumbs up for that!
         Fascinated with the photo that we have seen on Facebook. Tons of teddy bears caught our eyes.
We just accidentally found the place. Yeah, we planned on going in there, but we just don’t know where the hell it was. As we were having a picture taking outside Kopi Roti, my keen observer friend noticed Bear Cups. Located at the ground floor of ADC Hotel, at Magsaysay too.
Our eyes were feasting as we enter a heaven of teddy bears. The magic touch of teddy bears gives magical comfort whatever our age may be. The bear themed pastry shop eases angst especially to kids or kid-at-heart. TEDDY BEARS bring out the child-spirit on us! Teddy bears are best-sellers especially during yuletide seasons and Valentine’s Day. Am I right? Well, teddy bears symbolizes tenderness, love, and care.
Their specialties were cakes and pastries, some meals, salads, coffee – it may be hot, iced or frappe and the like.



Reading 👀
As of now, I am reading a story entitled He’s Into Her. Witty and zealous story at the same time. The author is so incredible in the sense that she thought of a very attractive and adorable plot. TAGURO – the serious one and SENSUI – the naughty one were one of a hell perfect match. KILIG OVERLOAD.



Writing my Narrative and Weekly reports, Observation, and Reaction paper.


Listening 👂

My beloved VAMPS’ Risk it all. Their calming voice made my day. I do love this song too.



I’d burn it down, I’d light it up
For you, I’d risk it all
I’d rather crash, I’d rather crawl
Than never have your love at all
With only bricks to break my fall
For you, I’d risk it all


Thinking 👱
I am thinking about my last week as intern at Pag-IBIG Fund Naga Branch. I’m going to miss my colleagues, the office, my supervisors, our new found friends, the boarding house and might as well our FREEDOM. I’ll be staying at home again. I am under the supervision of my mom and my sister again. No more allowances. -_-


Smelling 👃
“Hello Darling” perfume.


Wishing 🌟
Wishing that I will be having my medal this graduation. I am longing for it for so long. *cross-fingers*


To have an Adorable, Bashful, Cool, Delightful, Enchanting, Futuristic, Gigantic, Harmonious, Incredible, Joyous, Knowledgeable, Loose, Momentous, Nice, Outrageous, Peaceful, Quick, Relieved, Safe, Teeny-tiny, Unique, Vigorous, Well-off, Youthful, and Zesty week ahead. Whoooooh. A-Z Adjectives.


Wearing 👕
Black shirt, grey cotton shorts, and black Spartan slippers.


Loving 💞
PAPA. I love you to the core.


To have my VANS right away. Hmp



FOOOOOOOOODS like these again. Please.


Weary yet HAPPY.

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