ALOHA!!! I’m home – for good! Bhai the witty. My colorful and substantial 240 hours of training has come to an end now. I DID IT VERY WELL!  The feeling is so surreal and overwhelming.

I learned how to be independent – my mom and sister are not there with me but my cousin does. I am now good at budgeting my penny and my decision-making skills were quite better now.

How to do household chores regularly – well, I just need to sweep the floor, dishwashing sometimes, and some cooking skills were needed though.

Do the laundry – all the time. Limited clothes’ with me.

How to spend my money wisely – which I think is one of a hell EPIC FAIL. Well, can’t blame myself though for regularly having night out.

Speaking of night outs. We’ve been to some this week.


Dice Boardgame Café was designed for the customers to enjoy boardgames, at the same time their foods. The staff of the café was greatly in touch with the customers because they served as the facilitator of the game.

      The games in there will require logical and analytical thinking, hand and eye coordination, meticulousness, strategic pacts, and many more. Different characters, different communities, movie based or even series based. Dice Boardgame Café is located at Magsaysay Avenue Naga City. We played “The Pact”, it was carefully selected by Tweet, one of the staffs of the café, since we had a quite large number of players and their policy was “One boardgame per table”. The Pact is a game with characters such as the two wolves, the fortune teller, the witch, the hunter and many more.

Caramel Macchiato – Iced.


Reading 👀
My lengthy Narrative Report with an ending saying ~

“My OJT journey has come to an end now. But the learning that I had will stay with me forever. I had acquired a full bucket of information as I will leave the office. Being exposed in a real, busy, and awesome office made me ready to face the future. ”


Writing anything that can be written. HAHA. Well, I’m writing some scholarly essays and I’m not enjoying that at the moment. It sent me a feeling of hideousness.


I’m not really into One Direction, but upon seeing the music video of their latest single “HISTORY”, the feeling is so euphoric – as if I am watching a video of The Vamps or 5 Seconds of Summer. Here’s some line ~

You and me got a whole lot of history
We could be the greatest team 
that the world has ever seen

You and me got a whole lot of history
So don’t let it go, 
we can make some more, we can live forever

The thought being #teambahay last 3LOGY CONCERT featuring The Vamps – well, with The Tide and Before You Exit, was disturbing the hell out of me. I can’t get over! Next in line is the concert of 5 Seconds of Summer this March. GOD! I need a ticket.

Smelling 👃
Chocolates I found in a treasure chest!

Wishing 🌟
5 Seconds of Summer concert ticket. -_-

Being enthusiastic in a happy and productive week.

Wearing 👕
Yellow Osaka shirt paired with my maong shorts.

Loving 💞
Everyone since LOVE month is in the air already. HEARTS everywhere.

5 Seconds of Summer concert ticket. -_-


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