For this week, I will be BHAI THE PERKY and a little gregarious!

     HEY EVERYBODY! Who has a spare or extra concert ticket there? I know that you’re generous enough to lend me some. HAHA. I badly want, or need it rather, a concert ticket of SLFL: 5 Seconds of Summer Live in Manila this coming March 12, 2016! I am a fan for approximately three years now. And I’ve been dying to see them personally.

Stop-Over: DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS Legazpi City, Albay, Bicol, Philippines

So last week, I’ve been to Legazpi. For release: PASSPORT. I was asked to pick-up my nieces’ – Vion and Anx, and sister’s passports at Department of Foreign Affairs. Well, they will be going to Saudi Arabia.

I’ll have mine too, so that it’ll be easy for me to chase my boys! Kidding aside, for future use, rather.


Reading 👀
Facebook posts

Writing 📝
I have here my Civil Service Commission Examination Form. I’m currently filling it up. So obviously, I’m writing the necessary information needed.

Listening 👂
Every time I write posts, I am fond of listening those songs that I want to enter onto the “Listening” portion of the post that I am currently doing. So as of now, I am listening to the charming voices of these boys so as to memorize the lyrics that I am going to place below.

Woooah. Charting at number 7 on its first release at MIT 20. My other guilty pleasure, The Vamps’ “Rest Your Love”. Lines were:


That when the stars go out

You can rest your love on me

And when the world gets loud

Baby you can rest your love on me


When the stars go out

You can rest your love on me

And when the world gets loud

Baby you can rest your love on me

Thinking 👱
I’m thinking about having a shoulder length, or shorter than that, haircut. I somehow think that it’ll be more suitable for me. I’m planning to have that before the pictorial for graduation.

Smelling 👃
Scents that kept on entering onto my nostrils.

Wishing 🌟
I am still wishing for a concert ticket as a graduation gift for me. It will be much appreciated.

On the other side, I am wishing for GOOD HEALTH and a year of HAPPINESS.


Is there any chance, even 0.000001%, for me to have a ticket? Because as of now, I am upset of not having one.

Wearing 👕
Black cotton shorts and the white shirt that I got from the package.

Loving 💞
My boys! 5 Seconds of Summer and The Vamps. They have special spaces in my tiny yet loving heart.

A ticket. As much as I wanted that ticket, I also want to have an award this graduation – medal indeed.

To pass the Post-Training requirements to our OJT Coordinator, hopefully this week.



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