My Sunday Currently post for today will be started with a little commemoration for my late father. Well, I just missed him this bad, and also,  it’s his birth month.

         February 15, 1950 – A mighty King named Jorge was born. Made seven lives possible together with her queen, Violeta. Had four princes and three princesses –the always edgy Noel, authoritative Juvy, busy-bee and talkative Joseph, friendly and piggy-like April Joy, business-minded George, ever pretty and smart Genevie (that’s me. -_-), and his sporty and babied young man, Tony Bryant.

He made them felt what a true prince and princess feels in his own way; pampered them; gave them all the attention, plentiful love, and the thoughtfulness; he had been the one who cheered them when they were down; wiped their tears; eased the pain that they felt; been their inspiration; one of the reasons behind their smiles and twinkling eyes; and most of all, he had been the greatest King.

The best fighter in the whole wide world, he didn’t let them feel that he was sick. He showed his bravery for 9 years – been on a motorcycle accident, had hypertension, suffered from mild stroke, and had kidney failure that trigger some complications. God is really good to a great man. There were times that they thought of losing him, but his existence kept on prolonging. Now, the time has come that the King has to rest, away from stinging syringes and any other pain, but then, though he’s not literally with them, he will never been dethroned.

         It’s Bhai’s Point of View now. I missed the times when he recites his Salutatory address and sings the America’s National Anthem when we’re requesting him to; the times that we caught him talking alone every morning before he goes to work and defending himself saying that he’s just practicing; the times that he prepares our breakfast and lunchbox as well; the mornings when he’s the one who’s making my assignments; the mornings that he sent us to school together with his owner-type vehicle before he gone up to work; when he sings his favorite “Born Free”; the excessing allowance that he gave us; the past time when he cuddled us; and when we hid behind him when mom was angry and running after us with her stick – he never hit us. We’re very blessed sons and daughters for having a dad like him.


Reading 👀

            The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. Well, it’s very popular nowadays since it’s out on the cinemas. I have not seen the movie adaptation yet because I want to read the book first; same goes to the other novel-based movies.

Writing 📝

            This post.

Listening 👂

          LSS. Well, I did not read between the lines of the song, but in my mere opinion, this song is written for those who have love affair or what so ever. Nevertheless, on the very first time that I heard this song, it eventually became one of my favorites. It is a collaboration of Little Mix and Jason Derulo (2-in-1), entitled Secret Love Song. I just love the melody, the powerful and the harmonious blending of their voices. Sample lines goes this way:

And nobody knows I’m in love with someone’s baby

I don’t wanna hide us away

Tell the world about the love we’re making

I’m living for that day


Why can’t you hold me in the street

Why can’t I kiss on the dance floor

I wish that we could be like that

Why can’t we be like that

‘Cause I’m yours

Why can’t I say that I’m in love

I wanna shout it from the rooftops

I wish that it could be like that

Why can’t we be like that

‘Cause I’m yours

Thinking 👱

            Yea, I’m thinking ‘bout getting things done.

Smelling 👃

            Yummy peanut butter.

Wishing 🌟

            Ticket and sort of Vacation Trip. HAHAHA


            To be on the United Colors of Summer 2016 Day 2, and still, 5SOS ticks too.

Photo credits

Photo credits

Wearing 👕

            My usual get-up, tees and shorts. Orange shirt, white board shorts, and a pair of slippers too.

Loving 💞


            to do something but not having ability to do it. Sadly.


            FOCUS. I do need a lot of focus especially when I started on reviewing.




            Well, I’m being used on torturing my heart. I have been clicking a site that encloses ticket prices and its availability.


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