My 13th post is like a post from Friday the 13th. So this post will be just about me and my undying love for my 5 Seconds of Summer.

HEARTBREAK GIRL – I became a fan of these boys on the very first time that I heard this song. Well, the boys charmed me to the point that when our professor in Philippine Literature asked us to translate an English song to Tagalog to Rinconada, it was like 2013 or early 2014, I didn’t have second thought on choosing Heartbreak Girl.

Photo credits : @5SOSPHMNL

The time has come, after so many of waiting, dated on March 12, 2016, the Filipino fans will now finally have a chance to have a glimpse, meet and greet, take a selfie, and sing along with the one and only 5 Seconds of Summer. As a fan, I also waited this time to come but due to some circumstances, I can’t be there (As of now- I’m somehow making ways to be there too). It’s really hard to have people surrounding you who can’t understand you. They thought that me, being on the event is such a waste of time, effort and money. They can’t understand the fact that being on an event like this is so fulfilling and ecstatic for a fan like me.

Hell yeah, I’m striving hard to be there too. GRADUATION GIFT IT IS!  Mwahaha.

Made by yours truly out of desperation.

I’m new to Twitter. Follow me @skinnybhai. Love ❤


Reading 👀

Instead of reading books, these past few days my past time is to read tweets and all. At least I’m up to date however I’m feeling envious and at the same time my heart is breaking.

Writing 📝

 This heartbreaking post for this Sunday.

Listening 👂

I’m listening to my all-time favorite VOODOO DOLL with the lines-

And it hurts in my head and my heart and my chest

And I’m having trouble catching my breath

Ohh~ Ohh~

Won’t you please stop loving me to death

Thinking 👱

I am thinking about my “How About?”s. Before, I kept on looking for tickets. Now, the chance of having a ticket is greatly big. I can buy one but then these “How about?”s came in to the picture. I am 10 to 12 hours’ drive to Manila. I’ll be staying at Quezon so it is hours’ drive to the venue, so who’ll be with me at that time since I only got a ticket?  How about someone that’ll pick me up after the concert. How about who to get along in the concert scene since it’s a solo flight. Arghhhh. So frustrating.


Smelling 👃

My oh-so-fragrant shirt.

Wishing 🌟

I wish that my boys will follow me- @skinnybhai on Twitter and IG or make a fan sign. That’ll be the best graduation gift for me.

I wish that they will notice me. *crossfingers*

I wish to be on the SLFL Manila on March 12. Yeah, probably a wish because I really can’t go due to some circumstances.

I wish I could hug and say “I love you” personally to my 5SOS boys.Yeah, I really badly wish this one.


I am really hoping that my clan will support me on this.

I am hoping that someone will accompany me if and only if I’ll be on the concert this 12th of March.

Wearing 👕

Oversized white shirt, black cotton shorts, a pair of socks – yea, it’s raining cats and dogs so it’s kinda cold here, and undergarments too.

Loving 💞

MICHAEL, ASTON, CALUM and LUKE to the moon and back.

I want to see my boys Michael, Ashton, Calum, and my baby Luke.

I want to be with 5 Seconds of Summer.

I want to take my heart, my intestine, my toes, my knees, my shoulder, and my head to my boys.


I badly need a concert ticket, my refunds, and my fam’s approval. Lakas ng loob din.




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