Sounds Live Feels Live – most awaited sold-out concert of the Australian rock band 5 Seconds of Summer that this little girl dreamt of being onto. Never have I ever considered being in there due to some circumstances. I’ve been grieving for not having able to secure a ticket. I am little by little accept that I belong to #teambahay and just watch the replay of the concert on the laptop. However, after the dramas and all, I made it! As what the Filipino saying says: Kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw palaging merong dahilan

P.S. Thank you very much @suburbmgc for selling your ticket. Iloveyou.

 March 12, 2016 – SLFL Mnl, SOLO JOURNEY on chasing my boys. I have had to gain a lot of lakas ng loob, money, and undying love for the boys of course to make that occur.

So my day started this manner – at 5:47 am, I finally got off of the bus after almost ten hours of trip; Bicol to Manila is quite distant. Went to my relatives’ crib to freshen up and prepare myself for the concert. I really am excited!

At 12:00 nn, I have had decided to travel to Mall of Asia, Pasay City where the concert was about to take place. Well, aside from being excited, I just presumed that it’s traffic and afraid that I might not get there on time and not able to get access card since I don’t have mine yet.


     At 2:30 pm, I finally have my access card and found my concert buddies a.k.a. my daughters,Nicelle and Diane (the father is no other than LUKE. HAHA). They’re high school, quite young so I became their mother hen. We had a chance to get along, to know each other, had chitchats, and seize the moment. As we waited on the hallway for the go signal to let us cross the threshold, while having chikas with those cheerful girls, we we’re astonished by seeing the MYX VJ, Ai. It was like we were the first one to recognize her. HAHA
     Past 5:00 pm, the glass doors were finally open. I was so excited to the point that after the lady guard let me in, I really shouted hard and I’m not ashamed of that. I’m not only the one who did that, most of them does. I rode the escalator to be in the fourth floor and had the stairs to finally get in the fifth level. Looked for the signage indicating the section 505 since my ticket indicated that I’m on General Admission section 505, row B, and seat 3. (with the help of my two daughters, sadly they’re on different section).
     8:00 pm, the concert finally began. They invited a DJ to have the opening act. The songs were great and the crowd became wild. Right after the opening act, the pack, where I belong, were getting wilder, hotter, and kept on cheering til’ we had a glimpse of the boys. My inner voice was hyperventilating and shouting “OMG! WISH GRANTED! I FINALLY SAW LUKE, CALUM, ASHTON, & MICHAEL WITH MY BARE EYES!”. 
     Delighted as they had a short talk with us – “I feel like we’ve been to Philippines for a long time … I’m sorry it took so long” said Luke. Afterwards he spoke again saying “I have a question: Does this sound good? Does it feel good?”. Shems! He got that sexy voice. Well, the other boys also made their little talks too especially Michael and Ashton. Calum is quite silent that time. Lol.
     Astonished by the SLFLWWProject. The arena was lit up with the glow of the phones showing the colors of the Philippine Flag during the Amnesia performance.
     Had misty eyes during their Jet Black Heart performance and overwhelmed by their Voodoo Doll. Those are my favorites aside from Heartbreak Girl, which was not on the setlist. Hearing them sing these songs live was one of my goals.
     The crowd lose their sanity as Mike shared that they had written a song for us, Vanilla in Manila. They made the whole arena chant with them.
     Before the encore, they sung their cover of What I Like About You which was originally a single of The Romantics. I finally witnessed the so-called “the jump” as they sung She Looks so Perfect, which was one of the song they sung before signing off.
     All of the efforts and the money that I spent were all worth it. Seeing Michael Clifford’s green hair; Ashton Irwin’s facial expression as he hit his drum set; Calum Hood’s skills as he plays with his guitar, heard his very cool voice, and his playful side on the stage; Luke Hemmings’ demi-god structure and sexy voice while seeing his heart out; and them on their skinny jeans.

     That was it! I just shared my SLFL: 5 Seconds of Summer in Manila 2016 experience.

Reading 👀
Tweets and I am finally back on being a bookworm again, reading English novels or short stories.

Writing 📝

This heart felt post. HAHA. I recall that my last post was about me and my broken heart for not being able to have a chance to be on the concert, yet this post says the other way around.
Listening 👂
The opening song of the boys during the concert and one of my new fave which is CARRY ON with lines ~ ~
Carry on, let the good times roll
Sail on, let your path unfold
It won’t be long, won’t be long, won’t be long
You know it’s gonna get better, you know it’s gonna get better
Say a prayer for the broken bones
Cause who cares? We’re all going home
And it won’t be long, won’t be long, won’t be long
You know it’s gonna get better, you know it’s gonna get better
Thinking 👱
I’m thinking of their come back here. HAHA. Gosh when will it be?

Smelling 👃

My oh-so-fragrant shirt.

Wishing 🌟

I wish that my boys will follow me- @skinnybhai on Twitter and IG or make a fan sign. That’ll be the best graduation gift for me.
I wish that they will notice me. *crossfingers*
To see them again.


To see them on a show again. LIVE! And to secure a VIP ticket with sound check.

Wearing 👕

Oversized white shirt, jogging pants, a pair of socks – yea, the aircon sends chills.

Loving 💞

MICHAEL, ASTON, CALUM and LUKE to the moon and back.


To see them again.
I want to take my heart, my intestine, my toes, my knees, my shoulder, and my head to my boys.


Their attention. FOLLOW ME BACK @skinnybhai. Iloveyou.




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