Dressing my heart out. Dressing up; Making my own photoshoot in the bedroom; Setting the self-timer of the phone; and POSING. These were my doings that consumes my spare time. Picking the perfect dress that I have on my little dresser, fixing my eyebrows, and choosing a matching foot wear were three consecutive tasks that I do before setting the camera. Being skinny is not really a problem since models really are like that – that’s a must, right? HAHA. Sadly, I’m petite and models are tall. Apparently, I’m thinking of being a model just at home. HAHA

My get-ups reflects my personality – sometimes I want to look feminine, look boyish, just casual, and most of the times, just me being comfortable. Being the only girl in VANS during our Ring Hop Ceremony 2016 last March 18. I really am planning to wear a 5-inch black stiletto that night. I’m good to go that time, but I had a sight of my vans and quickly wore it on. Aside from being the only girl in vans, I also am the only girl not having my lipstick on nor fixed my eyebrows. My friends told me to fix myself since most of the ladies in there were wearing make-up and all, some were dressed casually and some with their skimpy dresses on. In short, they are very much prepared for that occasion. I on the other hand had my grey dress on. It’s 4 inches below my knees, I guess, with a side by side slit which are very long. Had my vans and a hat pairing it. Well the night went well. After all, it’s Bhai who’s wearing that and it did not surprise them. It’s just that I’m not used of following dress codes during balls.


Reminiscing (Not originally part of the Sunday Currently post format but I just want to add this for now)
So this will be a short recapitulation of what I’ve had through the week. So let’s start on the 13th, I’ve been to SM North Edsa, Tri Noma, and Ever, where we saw Glaiza De Castro having her CD signing on the activity area, with my cousins. On 14th, I’ve gone to Quiapo Church to attend an afternoon mass and consequently left to Divisoria, where the cheapest items are being sold and bought – had 2 gray dresses, face mask, and backpack out of my eight hundred pesos . On 15th, we strolled again. Went to Divisoria (for a second time in two days), ate shawarma, and eventually decided to have our dinner out. On 16th, I just slept all day and on 17th, I’m off to Bicol.

Reading 👀
Undying novels.

Writing 📝
This perky post for this week.

Listening 👂
Well, I’m not yet finished on moving on after the concert of the 5 Seconds of Summer and I kept on playing their songs again and again. For now, I am listening to Heartbreak Girl. It’s not on the playlist and somehow I felt bad about it, nevertheless, I’m super gratified during the whole night of that day.

I dedicate this song to you
The one who never sees the truth
That I can take away your hurt
Heartbreak Girl
Hold your dice straight through the daylight
I’m right here when you’re gonna realize
That I’m your cure
Heartbreak Girl

Thinking 👱
About my future. I really an having a cold feet upon sorting things since I am about to graduate on the 5th of April.

Smelling 👃
My hair. Really.

Wishing 🌟
Still, I wish that my boys will follow me- @skinnybhai on Twitter and IG. And also, I wish that they will notice them just like what Drew of The Tide did.


Still, to see them again.
To have a stable job after graduating.

To graduate with flying colors.
To see Luke, Ash, Mike, and Calum live again.

Wearing 👕
Simple white shirt with a soccer ball printed in it and my grey shorts.

Loving 💞
MICHAEL, ASTON, CALUM and LUKE to the moon and back.

I want to take my heart, my intestine, my toes, my knees, my shoulder, and my head to my boys.

Their followback. Referring to members of 5 Seconds of Summer, The Vamps, The Tide, Simple Plan, Lawson, The Chainsmokers, Little Mix and Fifth Harmony. FOLLOW ME BACK PLEASE! @skinnybhai. Iloveyou.


I’m still clicking the clickables on IG, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Google+, and my phones buttons.


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