IT IS SUNDAY! The time of the week where I’m about to update my Sunday Currently. It is a three-in-one post since I didn’t have much time to update these past few weeks.

Second week of APRIL ~ 3 to 9: BHAI’s GRADUATION

Bhai’s first photo upon receiving her diploma.

          I’ve been through all the hardships of being a student. Had plenty of baggages below my eyes or rather eye bags because of having some sleepless nights in preparation for tests, quizzes, recitations, and others. Had the feeling of having butterflies in my stomach due to nervousness – especially during defense for thesis. Experienced going to school with empty pockets- that was when my dad’s undergoing dialysis. But that didn’t stopped me from achieving something. A consistent academic scholar of the school and some government institutions. Passed examinations with high scores – especially in subjects related to numbers. Given rightful grades that a student can be proud of. And most of all, made my parents proud of me with or without awards. Sadly my dad passed away months before my graduation. He didn’t able to see me wearing my toga for the last time. But then, I know that he’s the proudest dad ever!

          I AM a DEGREE HOLDER now!!! I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Office Administration last April 5, 2016.That was one of the happiest day of my life – college life rather. I have three diplomas with me, since the fourth one in not yet distributed. So now, I AM BHAI the skinny, petite, brat, and pretty; certified BOOKKEEPER; a DEGREE HOLDER; and a child that makes everyone glad of having her.


Awarded with Academic Distinction at the Institutional Recognition ~ days before the graduation exercises



Graduation banner


Earlier that week :

It runs in the blood! Sponsoring my li’l bro, Tony Bryant. The first honor of his batch.

We also had a spur in the moment SUMMER STARTER at Bahamas Resort, Baao, Camarines Sur.

Third week of APRIL~10-11:

We’ve been to Naga City for some matters and for road trip too.

Been to The Coffee Talk with friends – Shela and Lyca.

It’s just me and my reviewer. I’ve been preparing for the Career Service Examination- Professional Level.


          Today was the scheduled day for taking Career Service Examination – given by the Civil Service Commission. I was assigned to take the exam at the Camarines Sur Science High School at Naga City, specifically at the main building, room 36. The exam was divided into different parts. Some of the items were quite easy, but there’s some bloody one. Shems. I just wish that I will pass the exam.

           So, since I am stressed, I had pizza as part of my lunch – my stress reliever aside from cold drinks, sodas, or frappes.


Reading 👀
NOVELS again. Whoah. I missed reading those because since last week, I kept on reviewing for that mind blowing yet stressful  exam that I had earlier.

Writing 📝
This quite lengthy post made by this witty girl for this Sunday.

Listening 👂
OUTERSPACE by my beloved boys of 5 Seconds of Summer!


I guess I was running from something
I was running back to you
Lost here in London with nothing
I’m still running back to you
If you can love me again
I could let go of everything

Thinking 👱
About me being unemployed. That thought bothers me since I graduated from college – that was few weeks ago.

Smelling 👃
I can’t really smell this time. My nose is clogged. Sheeeeez.

Wishing 🌟
My wishes are still constant ~~
I wish that my boys will follow me- @skinnybhai on Twitter and IG or make a fan sign. That’ll be the best graduation gift for me.
I wish that they will notice me. *crossfingers*
To see them again.
But then, here’s some additional:


So as my hopes that I kept on building up~~
To see them on a show again. LIVE! And to secure a VIP ticket with sound check.

Wearing 👕
Blue green sando and grey cotton shorts -It’s SUMMER so I need these.

Loving 💞
MICHAEL, ASTON, CALUM and LUKE to the moon and back.

In addition, my wants~~
To gain my own money – MY SALARY, perhaps.
I want to take my heart, my intestine, my toes, my knees, my shoulder, and my head to my boys.

Their followback. Referring to members of 5 Seconds of Summer, The Vamps, The Tide, Simple Plan, Lawson, The Chainsmokers, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony and my all time crush Shawn Mendes. FOLLOW ME BACK PLEASE! @skinnybhai. Iloveyou.

Stressed but very BLESSED! Thanks G!

I’m still clicking the clickables (If such word exist)  on IG, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Google+, and my phones buttons.


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