It’s LABOR DAY!!! Happy Holiday! Cheers to those hardworking people of the Philippines! Awoo~ Awoo~. MAY is one of those significant months for me because it’s my birth month. Meaning, my age will be added by 1 again~ at the end of the month, on the 31st. ADVANCE HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY TO ME. Huhuhu. Bye bye teen days. And o, Happy Mother’s Day to my own wonder woman, my mom. I love you Ma!

So much for that, Happy Sunday love! Yieeee. It’s Sunday again – starting this week with a not-so-sensible post.

          OMG! Never I have ever thought that my picture will be featured on Tumblr. I mean, wtf, there’s lot of pictures out there that can be featured – there’s millions of Tumblr users out there. I do believe in perfect timing. Imagine, I was just about to log in and *poof* my image was the one featured (though my face’s not shown there since it doesn’t fit the frame) – it’s really a big deal for me. I just hope that one of my photos will be featured too on Twitter – AMBISYOSA.

         So this week, I just kept on wasting my time; making use of our wifi, and being used on my mom’s rants.

HELL YEAH! I just can’t believe that the extent of my mind didn’t reached the thought of opening my mailbox and look for those new mails (485 new mails) since March 10 – well, I was just so excited about the 5 Seconds of Summer’s concert that didn’t even remember that I was about to join a contest/have an entry for a chance to M&G. If only I knew that they would send me these emails. I was so brokenhearted these past few days upon seeing these mails. I just missed the chance of seeing them personally. HUHUHU ~~


Reading 👀
Notes about Bookkeeping. Refreshin’ my mind about those past lessons. For future use!

Writing 📝
This not-so-sensible post this Sunday.

Listening 👂

Ariana’s DANGEROUS WOMAN. Yeah, You make me feel like a dangerous woman. Really. HAHAHA ~~


Thinking 👱
How to enjoy my summer? Next, my 20th birthday is fast approaching too – plans for it. Then, being UNEMPLOYED.

Smelling 👃
Polluted air, I guess.

Wishing 🌟
My wishes are still constant ~~
I wish that my boys will follow me- @skinnybhai on Twitter and IG or make a fan sign.
I wish that they will notice me. *crossfingers* AGAIN ~ For Drew Dirksen Of The Tide.
To see them again.
But then, here’s some additional:

TO BE EMPLOYED SOON! And have a high compensating workplace.

So as my hopes that I kept on building up~~
To see them on a show again. LIVE! And to secure a VIP ticket with sound check.

To be employed soon sooner soonest!

Wearing 👕
Navy blue shirt, maong pants, and blue slippers.

Loving 💞
MICHAEL, ASTON, CALUM and LUKE to the moon and back.

In addition, my wants~~
To gain my own money – MY SALARY, perhaps.
I want to take my heart, my intestine, my toes, my knees, my shoulder, and my head to my boys.

To have some of those listed on my wishlist.

Their followback. Referring to members of 5 Seconds of Summer, The Vamps, The Tide, Simple Plan, Lawson, The Chainsmokers, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony and my all time crush Shawn Mendes. FOLLOW ME BACK PLEASE! @skinnybhai. Iloveyou.

FOODS! Hell yeah. I’m kind of a sick lad so I badly need those.

HOT! All Caps – Intense! Summer sucks sometimes.

I’m still clicking the clickables (If such word exist)  on IG, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Google+, and my phones buttons.


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