Being Young, 20, and Contented

Being young, 20, and presently contented. Dated May 31, 2016, is my twentieth birthday. I don’t want to be at the age of twenties yet. I want to enjoy my childhood because I am still very very young at heart.” That was my mind set before.  I’m getting older, but it seems nowadays that more and more kids are trying to act older or younger than they really are. As I get older, I realized that I’ll get to experience new and better life, freedom, and also independence. Getting older means getting better – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Our bodies we’re getting on shape, we develop curves, our complexions were slowly getting fair or tanned, and we’re getting more conscious of our appearance. We can handle our emotions little by little and not too emotionally dependent with our parents. And, our perspective, our understanding, our beliefs and our lives somehow changes.

I AM A TEEN NO MORE! However, even if I really wanted to stay young and childish, I have to move on to the next level which is growing up, being employed, then earning money, consequently, fulfilling a bucket of wish list. ONE: Being employed and have that rightful compensation – going to the bank and save it. TWO:  Be well established and stable. THREE: Spoiling my family. FOUR: Earning money, then I’ll travel a lot. As in a LOT! I’ll make a new version of Dora and it’ll be Bhai the Explorer. FIVE: and buying lot of concert tickets and since I am an ultimate fan girl. I’ll be attending concerts, though going to the venue all by me doesn’t really matter. I’ll be seeing my crushes and idols, and then I’ll be the happiest. The others will just follow. Hey! I am not being ambitious, these are my GOALS. There’s nothing wrong with having a target – setting goal is a must. I REALLY DO HAVE LOT OF PLANS. And gratifying such plans has already little by little being in progress. First was going to a concert UNACCOMPANIED and that was during the Sounds Live, Feels Live by the 5 Seconds of Summer that was at Manila, Philippines.

Second was graduating college with sort of flying colors.

Third was passing that made-my-nose-bleed exam, Career Service Examination (Pencil and Paper Test) Professional Level.

Fourth was securing a concert ticket for Shawn Mendes World Tour that’ll be bang up-to-date on October 2016.

Recently, being astounded by the fact that we’ll be travelling to the one of the most famous tourist destination in the world, our very own Boracay this forthcoming week. My two-piece swimwear wasn’t ready yet. HAHA. Gosh! I AM SO BLESSED!13340481_1169242079793664_1059788285_o.jpg



Reading 👀

NOVELS. English and Tagalog award winning novels! As of now, I’m reading He’s Into Her Book 3 by Maxinejiji. A must read one. It’s still ongoing and the updates were quite slow but I am sure that it’s worth the wait!

Writing 📝
This post for this Sunday.

Listening 👂
I am enjoying the single of Hailee Steinfeld, Rock Bottom.

Thinking 👱
How blessed I am. Really. God is so good to me.

Smelling 👃
Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Desire.

Wishing 🌟
My wishes are constant ~~

The band or personalities that I adore will follow me- @skinnybhai on Twitter and IG or make a fan sign. That’ll be the ecstatic and superb!

To see them personally, and as for 5 Seconds of Summer – to see them again.

Happy week ahead. 🙂

So as my hopes that I kept on building up~~

To see them on a show. LIVE! And to secure a VIP ticket with sound check. Sadly, I cannot afford some this time.

Wearing 👕
Blue polo shirt and jeans.

Loving 💞
Every person close to my heart. My dad, my family, my friends, my pin-ups – members of 5 Seconds of Summer, Before You Exit, The Vamps, Paramore, The Tide, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes, Hailee Steinfeld, Jai Waetford, Ariana Grande, Sam of the movie Me Before You and others.

In addition, my wants~~

I want to take my heart, my intestine, my toes, my knees, my shoulder, and my head to my favourites.

Their attention.

Their presence here in the Philippines.

And their FOLLOW BACK @skinnybhai. Iloveyou.

AND….I really need to watch that heartbreaking movie “ME BEFORE YOU”. That’ll surely abuse my tear ducts.

Happy and very contented

I’m still clicking the clickables (If such word exist)  on IG, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Google+, and my phones buttons.


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