What does it take to be a fan? HEART OF A FAN. That’s it! The modest and basic requirement. Fascination, undying love and support, sending flowery and majestic words of appreciation through messages, endless hard work and willpower to be noticed, adjusting due to different time zones, and being there on their ups and downs. It needs time, effort, and understanding and support that we can only get from our family and friends. Being a fan is not as easy as it seems. You got envious at times, especially when your favourites noticed other fan like you, however make it an inspiration and make something that would make them notice you too, or just be glad with the noticed fan and wait for your turn. You got frustrated sometimes when there’s a rumour about them. And you feel defeated when they’re in a relationship. I do always feel that but then, if it makes them happy, I’ll be happy too and that’s what a real fan does. We’re possessive occasionally, claiming that we’re their wives/husbands. Am I right? Combining their first names or last names on our user names or even using their pictures as our displayed picture in different social networking sites. Making wonders by editing their pictures and putting ours in it. An absolutely die-hard fan would name a baby or future son/daughter after them. Further, I read some short stories, novels, and other forms that were about them, characters named after them, and cover with their faces and seemed that their characters were so perfect, that honestly bothers them since they’re not as perfect as the character. I am not against it, we do lot of things out of our admiration for them.

Would you rather be alone on being a fan girl? Would you keep your insights about that certain idol of yours to yourself? Of course not! You wouldn’t enjoy being a fan girl alone. No man is an island. A fan can interact to other fan or groups also. You could eventually establish that FAN-FAN or Fan to Fan understanding, be supplementary updated on different facts or gossips, and make friends.

I AM A CERTIFIED FAN GIRL. A multi-fandom, am a fan of various international and some local artists and personalities. I started being a simple fan of Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese actors and actresses before, during my high school days. Contented on just watching them on different Asianovelas, and that’s all. I never went further. Levelling up, during my college days, I began downloading my favourite bands’ or artists’ songs, music videos, and pictures, tuning in to radios to hear it, watching MYX Philippines or MTV to be updated, memorizing their songs so that I can sing it alone or sing-a-long as I play their songs, and buying merchandise. Taking another step up again, this year, I tried to go further, following them through social networking sites, making their beautiful and gorgeous faces as my gadgets’ wallpapers and backgrounds, attending concert, and making simple doodle or a brief message written on a paper and sending it to them. Luckily, 70% of them were noticed, I think. A million thanks to not-that-snob-type-of-international-star Jai Waetford, Drew Dirksen of The Tide, Djoir, 5SOS Locate, SLFLWWProject, that band namely Consider Me Dead and its member Brandon Pettitt, Bart Baker and favourite local artists/hosts Robi Domingo and Bianca Gonzales who rather followed me, tweeted me, retweeted and liked my posts.Liked my tweet before, retweeted it, and now he quoted it and said “love You!”! Thank you so much Drew Dirksen of The Tide! I LOVE YOU TO THE CORE DROOO! Might as well Jai Waetford who done that too before.


SHOUTOUT to my favourite bands and solo artists! A band that is composed of beautiful and gorgeous members. A band/artist that inspires. A band/artist that save lives. A band/artist that is worthy to be treasured and loved. A band/artist who abused my tear ducts, because of positive reasons though. A band/artist that I am proud of – 5 Seconds of Summer, Before You Exit, The Vamps, The Chainsmokers, Paramore, The Tide, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes, Hailee Steinfeld, Jai Waetford, Ariana Grande, Sam of the movie Me Before You, Cameron Dallas, Brandon Rowland, Trey Schafer, MAGCON Boys and others.

There’s nothing wrong on being a fan as long as it inspire you and not destroy you.



Reading 👀
I am so done with that lengthy English novel precisely Robert Their’s STORM AND SILENCE. So for now, I am reading Novels. Novels. Novels. Into #mafia #adventure #gangster #action #cold stories. Thanks to my Wattpad App anyway!

Writing 📝
This post for this Sunday.

Listening 👂
Whooooah! WE DON’T TALK ANYMORE by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez.

Don’t wanna know
If you’re looking into her eyes
If she’s holdin onto you so tight the way I did before
I overdosed
Should’ve known your love was a game
Now I can’t get you out of my brain
Oh, it’s such a shame

Thinking 👱
How blessed I am. Really. God is so good to me. Though I am quite stressed because I don’t have a job yet, however, I do believe in God’s perfect timing.

Smelling 👃
Banana Republic!

Wishing 🌟
My wishes are constant ~~

The band or personalities that I adore will follow me- @skinnybhai on Twitter and IG or make a fan sign. That’ll be the ecstatic and superb!

To see them personally, and as for 5 Seconds of Summer – to see them again.

To have that VIP Upgrade to be able to meet Shawn live and have a solo picture with him. Quite costly that’s why I just put this on my wishlist.

Happy week ahead. 🙂

So as my hopes that I kept on building up~~

To see them on a show. LIVE! And to secure a VIP ticket with sound check. Sadly, I cannot afford some this time.

I am hoping too that That-so-called-perfect-timing. Be employed.

To have that VIP Upgrade for Shawn’s concert here in Philippines.

Wearing 👕
Black shirt and maong shorts together with these Ipanema slippers.

Loving 💞
Every person close to my heart. My dad, my family, my friends, my pin-ups – members of 5 Seconds of Summer, Before You Exit, The Vamps, Paramore, The Tide, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes, Hailee Steinfeld, Jai Waetford, Ariana Grande, Cameron Dallas, Sam of the movie Me Before You and others.

In addition, my wants~~

I want to take my heart, my intestine, my toes, my knees, my shoulder, and my head to my favourites, as usual.

Their attention.

Their presence here in the Philippines.

And their FOLLOW BACK @skinnybhai. Iloveyou.


Loved and THANKFUL.  For having such great friends or SQUAD. For having a quite supportive family. For being noticed by some of my favorite artists.


I’m still clicking the clickables (If such word exist)  on IG, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Google+, and my phones buttons.



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