HE’s INTO HER is not-the-usual romantic story found in Wattpad. You’ll not figure out easily what’s happening next – puzzled, indeed. It’s like you’re Blues Clues without paw prints or Dora the Explorer without Map. You’ll get lost. You’ll be surprised. You’ll feel great satisfaction in every author’s update. It’s a package of twist, turn, spin, and add-ons! Started in a TYPICAL SCHOOL SETTING; shows UNDYING LOVE AND LOYALTY TO THE FAMILY- its beliefs, ideals, culture, and identity; CHALLENGES; ACTIONS – bloody and perfectly plotted action scenes; TRUE and SOLID friendship; CLOSE TO PERFECTION LOVE STORY that may awake your sweet and kilig bones;  SAD FACTS and SCENES that may hurt you, might make you weary, and abuse your tear ducts; MYSTERY as to some of the characters’ identity; and the HAMBOG side and perceived-as-GAYISH-ACT of the main characters.


This masterpiece is not very typical. It is not about a damsel-in-distress and a knight-in-shining-armor. It is not about a clumsy or ugly girl that accidentally bumps into a super gorgeous demi-God owner of some famous corporation or well known personality. It is not about a poor girl who sold herself to a billionaire and will eventually fell in love with each other. THIS IS NO FAIRY TALE. No fairy godmother, no knights, no princes and princesses, just TAGURO and SENSUI.


You will meet two characters that’ll leave a mark on your pretty little head, that will surely get in to our nerves, and casts that’ll certainly play with our emotions – Taguro and Sensui, two of the best names in Ghost Fighter. I found it very perky and funny. HAHA. One of a hell unique endearment for a lover. Taguro for Max given that she’s chubby and a vixen and Sensui for Deib since he’s quite skinny but tall. It seems so childish but cool!


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The author is really a genius and creative thinker! 👀 Thinking of names is not an easy job, especially producing unique, perfect names. Okay! Let us meet the cast. We have Maxpein Zin del Valle who has this very strong personality and Deib Lohr Enrile. HER family: the doctor Maxwell Laurent del Valle and soon-to-be lawyer Maxrill Won del Valle– Max’s siblings, Heurt– Max’s mother, Maze– her step-mom, Chairman Moon and More – her dad. HIS family: Lacey and Lohrton Enrile – his parents, Chairman EnrileDein Leigh Enrile – Deib’s sister and girlfriend of Randall Echavez who happened to be Max’s ex-boyfriend, Rhumzell Echavez – Randall’s younger brother,  Lee Roi Gozon and Yakiro Tobi Yanai – Deib’s best friends, Zarnaih Marchessa – Max’s friend,  Kimeniah Sirvey Gozon – Deib’s love interest before Max, Keziah Sirvey Gozon – Kim’s sister, Michiko Tarranza, Gavin Migz Agripa, Buenvenito Jose Talucod, Max and Naih’s circle of friends, Melissa Baylon, Abby and Aimee, the bullies. We also have Choco, Sir Chiufan and others. You must meet them too!


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“MAS MAGALING KA SA ‘KIN DAHIL LAHAT NG ‘SINUSULAT KO AY NAI-IMAGINE MO.” Quoted from the Wattpad account of the promising and great author of the story, Maxine Lat Calibuso or famously known as Maxinejiji. Honestly, I feel that I am very “MAGALING”! Imagining is my talent after all so automatically I am gifted. The Philippines had Maxinejiji whose combination of talent and wide imagination has made her one of the best authors. As to my opinion, one of the basis for being a good writer is when your readers felt the heaviness, joy, agony, and the love just like what the characters felt. I’m not really into reading lengthy and slow updating stories. I mean, why would I waste my time reading an on-going story if I can read those awesomely completed one. I was enlightened now. Never have I ever been affected by a story until I took a glimpse of this story.  I can say that IT’S WORTH THE WAIT. Busog ka sa bawat update. You will never say “Ayyy. Bitin.”. You would never regret the day that you discovered and started reading this story. It has a one of a kind perfect plot written by a brilliant author.

“I wanted to know if I loved enough the people God gave me. Because I am afraid He will need them back one day, just like today.” This was quoted from the recent update of the story, specifically at Season 3 of the book. On the part of Naih’s Point of View wherein she’s looking at Deib, who’s suffering from agonizing pain.  I felt so weak, so helpless. I can’t stop my glands on producing those tears. The past few chapters really did affect me. No other stories made me feel like this as what this story did. I never really planned on writing this blog post about Book Review until I read He’s Into Her’s update yesterday. This line suddenly hit me, the chapter actually. I AM SO BROKEN HEARTED! 💔

If you want to see a full-blown story, you need not look any further than this. I actually get to read substantial chapters in this book. I assure you that you’ll feel thrilled and excited on every chapter.

I hope that you guys will also have the feels – that roller coaster ride of emotions that I felt, feel, and will feel as I continue to embrace this story. Toddles! 🌟 


Every chapter of this story is totally MUST SEE. It is not an act of favouritism. I promise you, every part of this will surprise you, will amaze you, will make you happy or sad, and will make you feel excited for the upcoming chapters.

WORD/s TO DESCRIBE THE STORY: The Best and Magnificent


I recommended this story to a friend, and this morning we’re like:

“Huhuhu. Ang sakit ng update ngayon.I can’t help but to cry with Naih, and others. Especially kay Deib” that was me. She agreed with me and asked me if on my insights Max’s already dead. “Sa palagay mo namatay talaga si Max? Kasi kahit possible di pa rin ako naniniwala” she said. I told her that no, she’s not and that it hurts. Then she replied ” Sana nga. Buti na lang may to be continued pa, kasi di ko tanggap kapag namatay si Max. Pag namatay talaga si Max magsisisi ko na binasa ko yung story.”. She also said that I was right, it really hurts, BIG TIME! See? That’s how to affect us dear author! I am so proud of you and grateful that you tear our hearts. HAHA. We’re weeping like crazy as we talk over the phone. HAHAHA.


Similarly,  I made Maxwell as my pseudo client on my outputs in one of our minor subject during my college days. He’s my client that’ll celebrate his 22nd birthday and his school’s Acquaintance Party. I also inserted Max and Deib as bar owners where I planned to hold the event.

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4 thoughts on “BHAI’S SORT OF BOOK REVIEW : HE’s INTO HER by Maxinejiji 👑

    • skinnybhai says:

      OMG! Di ko inaasahan ‘to! Thank you po sa appreciation, my favorite author. Thank you sa pagpapakilala kay Sensui at Taguro sa’min. Thank you for the laughter and tears na dala ng story nyo. Iloveyou ❤️


    • Alessandra Lavilla Cruz says:

      Omggggg hello po kay ate Bhai!👋 ahm.. eto po yung pinaka magandang review na nabasa ko😊 napaka effort po😊 tska pare pareho po tayo ng nararamdaman at hinihiling na sana buhay si Taguro😊 dahil hindi ko po kayang mabuhay ng hindi nakakamove on sa pagka matay ni Max… nakakatouch po kayo ate kaei halatang super fan din po kayo ng He’s into Her gaya po namin..bukod po kay ate maxinejiji idol na din po kita ate Bhai😊 nagbibigay ka po ng inspirasyon saming mga readers😊 sana po masabasa mo yung msg ko😊 godbless

      Liked by 1 person

      • skinnybhai says:

        Hi babyyy! Thank you very much for the appreciation. Grabe. Alam mo bang sobrang happy ako habang binabasa ang comment mo. It means a lot! God Bless You too baby girl. Love love.

        PS: Sobra sobra yung iyak with hagulgol ko sa recent update ni Ms. Maxinejiji. HUHUHU. Ang sakit pa din! Hohoho


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