Forlorn Madness means “nabaliw sa pag-iisa” in Filipino. Forlorn is defined as abandoned and Madness is state of insanity based on New Miriam Websters Dictionary. An out of the ordinary story that’ll bring you to different dimensions and unveiled part of the universe without knowing it. It’ll make you feel excited due to sudden turn of events. It’ll surely make you crazy.

A combination of mystery, adventure, horror, thriller, vampire, and romance. Inspired from different books, movies, anime, games, and songs. A story which is tricky, exciting, unbelievably cool, amazing plot, sudden turning of tables, question-generating events, something that can make our mind twist, turn, spin and roll. EVERYTHING WERE UNPREDICTABLE.

Divided into multiple installments – Forlorn Madness: Universe, Forlorn Madness: Chiaroscuro, Forlorn Madness: AMNESIA, Forlorn Madness: Crown Raid Online, and Forlorn Madness 2. Oh! There’s Forlorn Madness 3! Sad to say that this book review is up until book 2 only.

A reader will always seek for something that’s refreshing – something new to the eyes. They want to have a taste of a new flavour. They’ll look for a breath of fresh air. I am done with those repetitive and standard fiction stories – romance, teen fiction, and so on. I want to find out something else – a work of genius indeed until I found this. PS: I love the way of the author in naming each part, instead of using the word “chapter” she used the word “Opus” which means piece.

This piece of art is about HIO. A 10-year old rich kid that was brought to an orphanage due to some situation; to a teenage boy living in a poor community with a friend; to meeting a friend that will lead him to his exact identity; became 1 of 4 of the famous band ForMad; to discovering his vampire side, him – being the prince of vampires and superpowers; and to facing changes and challenges with friends, love ones, and enemy.

This story will make you be acquainted with the three gates: Thanatos – also known as “kamatayan”. It was unlocked by the Darktower and Hio’s the one who holds it. Tarangkahan ng walang katapusang kamatayan at pagkabulok; Nyx – Tarangkahan ng walang katapusang gabi. It was unlocked by the Claymore and Div’s taking care of it; Erebus – Tarangkahan ng walang hanggang bangin ng kadiliman. It was unlocked by the Esodel and Kalix’s taking control of this.



Direk_whamba made this story a cast-studded one. The characters have their very own distinct role. Likely, the author also added the idea of putting Prince/Princess, Duke/Duchess, Marquis/Marques, Count/Countess, Viscount/Viscountess, Baron/Baroness, Baronets, and Knight. Let us meet some of these characters, per installment and without repetition, who made us wild. Hihi.



Henna Iryl Orpheus Darktower or HIO a Damphir or half human and half vampire. Patricia Antigone Rosseau a.k.a. Galatea or Shall a knight, Hio’s lover, Div’s love interest. Kape or Coffee Mañego Hio’s friend. Minerva von Hairenn – A marquis – her power is to connect two different places together. In addition, she’s Kape’s love interest. Div Umbra Claymore – Hio’s brother. Penumbra – Div’s shadow. Noir Andrea Rosseau – Known as baron but the truth is he’s an anima. HIO is responsible for his existence. Medea – HIO’s first crush, a ballerina, and a princess. Nue – former vocalist of ForMad. Sister Antonia – a nun that was abused by a priest. Race Phalanx – one of the three viscounts of monarchy. Lord Harlequin – a 2-feet Asian ball-jointed doll. He’s one of the three viscounts. It was believed that his true body is inexistent and buried it 6 feet under the ground. Redder Black  – Illusion Master. He can make your nightmare into reality. Orpheus Darktower – Hio’s dad.

Other characters are from the names of Satellites of Solar System Planets.

URANUSOphelia – the nurse, Umbriel, Oberon. JUPITERAmalthea – countess, ex-wife of Orpheus, Io, Europa, Ganymede – Duke and brother of Minerva, Callisto, Elara. NEPTUNELarissa, Galatea, Naiad. SATURNJanus, Enceladus,  Lord Hyperion Liore – Duke and head of House of Elemental Dukes, Tethys, and Telesto.



Kan and En are siblings. Asha – ForMad die hard fan.



Wynona a baronet who made the oblivion potion. Magdalia – a necromancer.  Luca. Shantal – an errand girl  in the castle. and Maria.



Kero and Soon.



Aster, Antigone younger sister of Aster, and Rosary. And in reality: Xerun – Hio’s older brother and the bassist of ForMad. Ivy Loraine – Youngest among the three, Coffee – Best friend.



Every part of this masterpiece is beyond perfection. I swear. Who would have thought that there are these authors, including direk_whamba, whose imagination is flawlessly knotty? They can create an incredible plot, can add number of significant characters, and can connect one scene to an unanticipated scene.

The most remarkable part for me was the ending of Forlorn Madness 2. Quoting,  What if ganito ang totoong kwento? Titino ka pa ba?!”. The true Hio revealed that this story was his story – he’s the author. It was all in his imagination. The true Hio has Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. He want all of these to happen so he made a story that he’s the main character. HAHA. I’m shocked too, BIG TIME! You’ll love it too.

PS. Please correct me if I’m wrong. It has been 2 years since I read this book. Okay? Thank You!



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