When He Fell For Me is a story that I can consider as close to reality. It is all about two very different individuals with different perspectives. An innocent, sweet geeky girl namely Jamie, and a gorgeous demi-God Mercedes Benz Formula One racer that was named after a body of water, River.


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A night when she totally forget about her inhibitions โ€“ just flirt, drink and enjoy. A night-out with L and K. A body shot. His offer of clean fun. A dirty dance. A kiss. Started at The Ledge that the Ongpaucos own. With Percy and Annabeth, a quote-spouting girl. A Vulcan Salute. Night at his condo, feeling of turned-down at the morning, Avada Kedavra, her accusations, his radio guesting and convo-on-air. The reconciliation and the District 12 salute. Sudden change of events. Here comes the getting to know each other stage, dating, and Goodness Gracious! The overflowing sweet and giggling moments. Then thereโ€™s this TURNING POINT โ€“ conflicts that broke them apart quoting โ€œIt only took one minute and fifteen seconds to break my heartโ€ โ€“ how frustrating, right? The comeback of the two happened. They do believe that โ€œLove is sweeter the second time aroundโ€. Hey! At some point cowardice came into the picture and challenged their love. True love wins then BOOM! Itโ€™s happily ever after.


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The author really did a fantastic effort on putting up those images of the characters on the readers mind. They appear to be gods and goddesses on our imagination. GREAT AUTHOR! So let us meet them now.

Jamie Navarro – A girl who always pull childish acts, showed her innocence and has a mouth that has no filter when it comes to speaking, a pure geek who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Anakin Skywalker, Chris Hemsworth, and even Disney Princesses. Louisse Salazar– the mother Hen. Kim Talavera โ€“ the working girl. Thereโ€™s these Ongpaucos โ€“ River Ongpauco โ€“ Racing is his life, an F1 racer, a man who believes that those three words is just fucking clichรฉ. A man who tend to shut-down and push people away when he feels strong emotion. Jamieโ€™s lover. Lake Ongpauco โ€“ the baseball monster. Cascade Ongpauco โ€“ the Mystery Football Guy of L.


Of course, every reader of a story will always have their most favourite part. So for me, the best part is Chapter 25: V-DAY. Every hopeless romantic reader out there will probably squeal on this one, itโ€™s when River brought Jamie to his world- the race track on Valentineโ€™s Day. He gave her his very first race suit and taught her how to manoeuvre a cart. Of course, on us, millennial, selfie will never be out of the script. They took one and posted it on IG! What a knee-wobbling scene! Though weโ€™re just putting up a mental picture on our mind, we can see the love and happiness in it!

I am no fan of Lord Voldemort, Spock, Harry Potter, Princess Leila, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Ghost Busters, and Bubba Ho-top. Yes, I am familiar with Katniss Everdeen and the District 12 though. Pardon me for that, we have our own liking. In fact, these were all the factors that caught my eyes and interest. The story is written in smooth, clear, and very cool manner. The story is no fairy tale, however, it has the so-called happily ever after. It may be similar to other fictional stories but it differs in quality and content. This story, out of the hundred stories that I read is truly attention-grabbing and worth reading. It deserve a good book review. I hope I gave justice. I GLOVE YOU, SEEYARA!ย 



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