BHAI’S SORT OF BOOK REVIEW : ASTIG SERIES – Ang Alalay Kong Astig, Ang Syota Kong Astig and Ang Misis Kong Astig by SweetMagnolia 👑

The ultimate story for every reader is finally here! I’ve always been a big fan of the author of this masterpiece. She has shared her unique manner of writing. Sweetmagnolia can truly make us feel the world in such a different way because of her works.

It is a kind of piece wherein you will always and will still make a point to read – it’s simply addicting.

This series came up with three instalments – Ang Alalay Kong Astig!, Ang Syota Kong Astig! And Ang Misis Kong Astig!. This Astig series concentrates mainly in these factors: Love, Career and Passion, Trust, and just simply Holding-on.


            The very first book from the series! It was simply the best. It started with a mission to protect the heir of a billionaire, who has issues with police officers, from a syndicate, Venomous, who planned to kidnap him. Alex covered up as Maya Del Castro, the so-called “weird woman”. Play-act as a simple yet full of guts student. Who eventually joined Blake’s circle of friends, became his slave for two months that served as her initiation to be part of the group. Acted that she was disowned by her family and sought for his help – without his knowledge, it’s her way to look closely to him.

            As the story gone by, the male lead character played by Blake, little by little fell in love with Maya. Maya felt the same way too. Upon realization, Blake suffered from selective amnesia due to the damage he got while saving Alex in a raid. After recovery, he intended to be engaged with Marianne. Sudden changes of fate; he remembered Alex, broke up with Marianne, sought after her, fought for her, met her family, winning her back and be officially in a relationship. This instalment ended up with Blake leaving the country to be a man good enough for her, to get ready to face his fortune – running their company, and leaving a promise of forever to Alex.


            I absolutely adored the second instalment of the Astig Series – an extension of the love story of Blake Monteverde, the well-known most eligible billionaire bachelor and the police officer Alexandra Valdemor.

            From inspector to Captain! In this instalment, she did change herself for the better. She discontinued her forte – being part of a mission, a raid and any other action-packed scenes. She wanted to look after her loved-ones’ feelings first though it means giving up what she love in her career. However, it came to the point that she needed to hold her gun again in able to protect him, to the point that she have to choose between love and career, and to the point of letting him go just to save him. Tables turned, it was Blake who saved him in the end, with his will power, he made his own move to protect Alex. As what Selena Gomez said “the heart wants what it wants”, the two reconciled since their love for each stayed in their hearts. She got the best wedding proposal ever – a surprise proposal indeed. Alex got married, pregnant and lives happily with him.


            This final instalment rotates on the married life of Alex and Blake Monteverde together with their cute little dinosaur, Cassandra Marlene and eventually with Gavin Marlon.

            Villains are everywhere. They did everything to steal the billionaire’s treasures. They used his sickness to bring him down. The ogres willingly castoff their power to get what they want. However, Alex will always be Alex. She never let anything not in order to happen. Her stubbornness became her weapon again to prevent the brutes to destroy anything they have – perfect family.

I loved everything in it. It amazed me how Blake and especially Alex fought for their love, on how they never gave up for the sake of their family, Cassandra, and for each other. They proved those lines from a wedding vow – “in sickness and in health” and “for better or for worse”. Through thick and thin, they struggle together though it means hurting. Of course, happily ever after do exist in this story; all the hardships that they’ve been through were well paid-off.


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          Sweetmagnolia brought out life from the characters and made the readers believe on the story. As what I’ve read on her profile, quoted “Writing is my therapy when reality is an enemy. There’s no better place than living inside a story. Falling in love with a character and dreaming a life with happy ever after. Enjoy the moment; it’s a fiction after all.” True to her words, I do fell in love with one of the characters. Instead of falling in love with the male lead character, it turned out the other way around- with inspector Valdemor. HAHA.

Blake Marlon Monteverde. A demi-God wanna be. BS Economics student of a prestigious university. Later on, he became the God of Golden Pacific Oil Corporation. Came to be Alex’s loving husband.

Alexandra Michaela Preciousa Valdemor. Lara Croft of the training ground. A fighter, persevered, and a very determined police officer. Too devoted to her chosen field. Fearless member of the Intelligence unit of Special Action Force.  

Sylvia Valdemor. Ever sophisticated and over-acting mother. Who loves to hit her when given a chance.

Lauro Valdemor, ever busy dad who loves to play golf. A businessman – shipping company.

Dennis Valdemor, her brother. A doctor – a surgeon to be exact. Gifted with very high IQ level. Suffered with identity crisis.

Norberto Valdemor, her loving grandpa. A retired general policeman. Influential and respected.

Henry Monteverde. Blake’s grandfather.

Margareth. Alex’s best friend who eventually became James’ wife.

James Corpuz. Most intelligent member of her team.

Marianne Corpuz. Blake’s ex-girlfriend and younger sister of Inspector Corpuz.

Grace Capulong – obsessed with Blake.

Sophia Vasquez. Blake’s ex-girlfriend. Famous model.

Chief Martinez. Her godfather.

Hayden. His best friend in the race track.

Additional Casts:


SPO1 Melchor Balatbat. Alex’s new partner. Became SPO2 Balatbat in the next instalment.

Divine Hillary Francisco. Grace Capulong’s better version. Her death case became one of the major focus of the second instalment.  

Marlon and his girlfriend, Lovelle and Jason. Blake’s Filipino friends in the university.

Debbie Madrigal. Has secret agenda, and that is seducing Blake.

Pablo Garcia. Main antagonist in this book. Evil professional gangster. He just wanted to be his son on top – that’s why he did everything.

Tyron Garcia. Sophia’s ex-boyfriend. Fling of Divine. Good son of a villain.



Cassandra Marlene. Alex and Blake’s little dinosaur. Their most precious gem.

Gavin Marlon. Alex and Blake’s little monster. Their second child.

Harry. Son of Margareth and Inspector James Corpus.

Isabelle Chan. Antihero of this instalment.

Inspector Brandon Aldovar. A policeman. Isabelle’s lover.

Mr. Collantes. Blake’s colleague but one of the antagonists of this story.

Mr. Chan. Owner of Hexagon Realty Corporation. Isabelle’s Father. Main villain of this instalment.

Ms. Miranda. Blake’s secretary.


          Every instalment of this series was all “must see”. I assure all of you that every chapter of this story will never disappoint every reader. It’ll make you feel excited for the next chapters. It is not an act of favoritism.



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