Lucid Dreaming, as what the main character said in this masterpiece, all of her wonderful dreams are due to her manipulations. That it all came from her fantasies. She’s aware that all of the scenarios in her dreams were all falsely present. Every time that she wanted to wake up, she truly will. Until one time, she did manipulate the scenes that’ll happen while she was on dreamland. She can eliminate scenes, characters and whatever she wishes to remove. She started to control her dreams and eventually started to pass in her fantasies. This ability is very rare that she’s very thankful that she has it.

Angelique, a lucid dreamer met a dream traveler, Caleb. In the long run, she adored his company and enjoyed dreaming – she can be with him in her dreams. She does know that when she’s awake, Caleb’s surrounding will be dark and he’ll be alone – and she can’t take that. She found a true friend in her dreams. She can be what she wants to be when she’s with him. And she became too attached to him. One time, she learned that Caleb was in state of comatose, that he’s true. She got terrified that she might lose him in her dreams. It does happened, when Caleb recovered, she thought he forgot her, the truth is at first he does but later on recalled her. From then on, they lived happily.


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Lucid Dream is an out of the ordinary story that’ll bring you to different dimensions and unveiled part of the universe without knowing it. It’ll make you feel excited due to sudden turn of events.  This story was designed to capture our imagination and is guaranteed to arouse the readers’ curiosity. It is a story which is tricky, exciting, unbelievably cool, amazing plot, sudden turning of tables, and EVERYTHING WERE UNPREDICTABLE. This is a combination of fantasy and romance and was categorized as short story.

A bookworm like me will always seek for something that’s uplifting – something new to the eyes. They want to savor new flavor. They’ll look for a breath of fresh air. I am done with those repetitive and typical fiction stories – romance, teen fiction, and so on, until I found this- a work of genius indeed.


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Aly Almario, famously known as Alyloony, can make us feel and see the world in such different way because of her art. It was no surprise then that she was always greeted and recognized with much warmth and love wherever she goes and has full-packed support from her readers in whatever she do.


The characters have their very own distinct role. Let us meet some of these characters, who made us enjoy dreaming. HIHIHI. She makes us her HAPPY READERS.

Angelique. The lucid dreamer and the main cast.

Caleb. The man of her dreams and the man of her reality. At first, he was a dream intruder.

Owen. Angelique’s ultimate crush. A campus heartthrob.

Amanda and Lilian. Her closest friends.

Celeste. Dream Goddess. 

MUST SEEN PART: Every part of this chef-d’oeuvre is beyond perfection. As what I’ve stated in my other book reviews, “Who would have thought that there are these authors?”, including Alyloony, “whose imagination is flawlessly knotty? They can create an incredible plot, can add number of significant characters, and can connect one scene to an unanticipated scene.” That would always give their 100 percent effort in every story they write.

This story is quite short nevertheless, unique and truly wonderful. So all of the chapters are certified “Must See”.




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