Beauty and the Beast is a fairy tale story wherein Belle, a simple beautiful lady, fell in love with a distant and unfriendly beast. Never did she knew that the beast was a cursed prince and will return to his original self if and only if he found true love.


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Every Beast Needs A Beauty is not basically a story that has prince and princess, though we somehow associate this story to the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. It is a modern version of the story between beauty and beast. The beast in this tale doesn’t have the usual ugly-in-the-outside-look, not even a monster-look, or even an ogre’s, but a demi-God-like creature. He’s aloof, guarded, and has this authoritative aura. And beauty, brought sunbeams – exact to her name, Sunny, to the beast’s being. She’s a real beauty and never got afraid of the monster. Instead, she accepted the monster at its best and even on its worst self. She knew that loving him isn’t good because he’s a womanizer. She held him in the depths of his despair. Though there are times that she let go, because there’s many reasons to do so, those times didn’t diminish the love that she has for him. They’re living in two different worlds. He believed that Sunny is an angel that deserves heaven and not in hell with him but he can’t just lose her. Never did she ever imagine that he wanted revenge at first. He wants her to suffer in his company. The walls, the temptation and social status didn’t even stop him from wanting her. And most of all, the LOVE that he felt for her was strong as Philippines’ Kapeng Barako and unbreakable as diamond. He even looked like an obsessed man, guarding and following her. He never let their families’ past haunt their love for each other. He played the black cards well. They have surpassed the hardships that the world gave them. Well, it’s them against all odds.

This is no fairy tale but definitely have the so-called Happily Ever After.


The author really did a fantastic effort on putting up those images of the characters on the readers’ mind. They appear to be gods and goddesses on our imagination. GREAT AUTHOR!

Sunshine Nikkola Aragon or Sunnyshe’s an independent woman, fearless, hired as maintenance crew, and sells cigar as her part-time job as promo girl. Rage del Fierro – has authoritative aura, evil demi-god like creature, aloof, dickhead, workaholic, rich and successful businessman, successor of the Del Fierro Group of Companies. LoganRage’s cousin. Brandona model (Check his own story- One Night, One Light together with Avon). Kid Fuentebella– belongs to Rage’s circle of friends. Mia Concepcionmaintenance crew and a promo girl; eventually became Kid’s girl.

Other Characters:

Samuel – pervert employee who harassed Sunny; Mang Carding and Aling Nenita co-maintenance crew; EricMia’s boyfriend; Alona –Marlboro girl; Cassandra and Marco – Rage’s Parents; Ezra – Rage’s girls; PatriciaSunny’s evil and insecure cousin


Well, I’ll mark this story as #beyondperfection. Readers must read the story thoroughly. CHOS! No jumping! HAHA. You will not regret the time that you’ll spend reading this book.



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 A round of applause for this gorgeous author for working so damn hard to make this story a fruitful masterpiece! Jonahmae Pacala or famously known as JONAXX will always be JONAXX. One of the most sought after author/writer of all times. With her, we could be in any place, any moment and any time. As what I always say in this section of my Book Reviews, “who would have thought that there are these authors whose imaginations are flawlessly knotty? They can create an incredible plot, can add number of significant characters, and can connect one scene to an unanticipated scene.”

Let us not be contented being a silent reader. You know what? Our votes, comments, and shares are the authors’ vitamins and one of their inspirations in updating and continue writing such wonderful stories. Similarly, patronizing their works will be such a wonderful gift for them. Let’s support these geniuses!

PS: Grab a copy of this masterpiece on leading bookstores nationwide along with the author’s other published books. I swear guys, all of them are amazing.



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