Beautiful story comes from unlimited ideas inside an author’s imagination. I have read a lot of stories or novels before, but none would come close to my level of satisfaction as a Consunji Series and other stories that I featured in my sort of book reviews.

The perfect regimen for readers is here. A fierce instalment of the series brought to you by xxakanexx. Another sure fire hit. GET READY TO FALL IN LOVE WITH THE HAWK!


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She never thought that she’ll have him for a night – just for a night. She just put up in her mind that she’ll not regret that night and will just remember it for the rest of her life. She didn’t expect that their meeting after so many years will be a risk– and that is losing her treasures, her twins. She never imagined that a night will change her life forever.

Due to peer pressure, a naïve college girl decided to be part of a fraternity. As a neophyte, she has to face the process of an obligatory initiation, following the norm that fraternity nowadays has. She compromised herself because of the situation she’s in. That is giving her virginity a stranger. Curiosity killed the cat – and for the reason that her curiosity was killing her, she broke the fraternity’s rule, and that is “do-not-remove-your-blindfold” policy. Never did she know that the stranger happened to be her childhood friend, Sancho Consunji. She got scared and ran away. She doesn’t want Sancho to know about their existence.

As her twins grow up, Consunji’s blood and features were visible to them. It bothered the hell out of him. Then boom! It surprised him to know that he was the father. Being a mad man, he closed his ears on all of her explanations.  He can’t just accept the fact that his kids grew without him by their side. He felt like he was useless – and that he was betrayed. He wanted to get even and used his merciless ways for her to feel the pain. For him to give the twins a perfect family, he imprisoned and caged her in a loveless marriage, just attraction – sexually attracted. The twins became her life, her treasure, and simply just her everything. Not wanting to lose her treasures, she agreed to it. Later on, he realized how good she is – that she took all the responsibilities alone for years and sacrifices everything for them. He became aware on how upright their twins become because of her. He remembered that she was his savior. He realized that she was a-good-to-be-true wife. Unexpectedly, he fell in love with her. He claimed her for the second time around and leaves the CONSUNJI’s MARK.

CONSUNJIs were known as not ruthless for nothing, cruel, wicked, scary, selfish, furious, has Gods and Goddesses’ features, and successful. A Consunji only fall in love once. So you’re lucky if you caught his/her attention.

This series has number of instalments. The stories of the 1st Generation of Consunji- Lukas, Sancho, Laide and Adam’s stories. The 2nd Generation are stories of the sons and daughters of the 1st Generation. And last but not the least, the 3rd Generation of Consunji. Each story was all distinct in its own way. Has perfect plots – twists and turns of scenes were all beyond perfection. WARNING FOR KIDS: This series contains matured scenes so beware.



Main characters

Sheenalyn Marien Ybarra and Sancho Angelo Cruise Consunji – the main characters of the story, have two little monsters namely Yto Jose and Yza Joan.

Other characters:

We also have Lukas, Sancho’s brother, and his wife, Apollo – a nurse. Madeline – Sancho’s ex-girlfriend; and the main villain of the story, Jane, who captured and tortured Sancho for quite long time.


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It is every writer’s or author’s great reward to know that his/her readers appreciate what he/she wrote on their first glimpse of it. As a writer or author, except for your passion in writing, you’ll do anything and everything to give your readers nothing less of a story that they deserve.

I am so elated to discover such wonderful and sizzling hot story as this. If I will be a professor and the author is my student, I’ll automatically give her flat 1 or uno for a job well done.

So……my #mustsee part/s of the story will be all of the chapters. It’s worth reading, since those were perfectly written.






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