BHAI’S SORT OF BOOK REVIEW : HE’s INTO HER by Maxinejiji 👑 TAGSEN: Sort of Detailed Version

You need not hunt for any other stories to satisfy your craving for different genres. This piece of perfection has it all. Looking for adventure or mystery? Maybe searching for fiction, or teen fiction rather? Seeking for romance indeed? Discover a different kind of grandeur with He’s Into Her. Escape this violent world and know their story. Discover what perfection really means. This review focuses Max and Deib only. It’s always TAGURO and SENSUI after all.


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HE’S INTO HER started in a conflict. It was a purely misconception of ones’ impression to the other. A playful male character met a typically-chubby-and-bullied-type female lead. He underestimated her- capabilities of a simple and meek opponent and that is how their clash begun. At that very moment, he was infatuated with another female cast of his level. She, being the mysterious one, tried to keep her low-profile image to remain being unnoticed. He, being the full-of-fun one continued his game of bullying her but it seemed that she showed no interest made him annoyed and irritated. They got that far until he was captured and smitten by her. Eventually, feelings were developed and unleashed.


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Maxpein Zin Del Valle Moon originally known as Maxpein Zin Del Valle or just Max dared to be different. Behind her untouchable personality are brutal pains of the past that remained silent and outspoken. She’s like a mighty tower that protects her family. She came from a prominent family from North Korea – MOON. It is a family that has its own beliefs, culture, and traditions too far from the normal. Her actions were in accord with their ideals and norms. They abide laws that outsiders did not know and will never understand. A filthy rich family that has members play their own significant roles – and hers was protection. She does things differently. A lady of few words, a monotonous one to be exact, but on the moment her mouth open and speak, her words will make you feel shiver. Her mysteriousness is a hundred percent great. She’s full of surprises – her identity to be exact. One time she’s low-profiled scholar living in an apartment with her friends- one of them is Zarnaih Marchessa and do part-time job to fulfil her living, then issued of having a husband namely Maxwell Laurent Del Valle, having Randall Echavez as his ex-boyfriend, then the fact that she’s born with a golden spoon in her mouth and that she’s from a rich family- the Moon, and so on and so forth. Stay warned and watch-out because she’ll probably cut your way. Hates explaining herself and mind you, don’t you dare try to get to know her because according to her famous line, “You’ll die if I tell you.”. With her dangerous aura, you won’t like her when she’s mad. Has impressing and incredible mind, totally a genius. Name it and she knows it. Call her crazy or morbid, she doesn’t care. She doesn’t give a damn on explaining this and that. Tend to shut down when she’s frustrated and be violent when needed.

Who would not notice HER? Even Sensui fell for her. Her identity is fascinating enough to lure him. She is his TAGURO – one of the best names in Ghost Fighter. She is far different when she’s with him. Sometimes became “maarte”. However, she’s not into PDA or Public Display of Affection but made Deib see hearts surrounding him whenever she speaks sweet nothings and does sweet gestures. She’s not clingy but has her own ways that made him fell for her more. And yet sometimes she left him without bidding goodbye, she will always come back and give her just explanations that he deserved. She can do anything for him. She’s ready to gamble. She’s his protector, her saviour. Nonetheless, SHE’S LUCKY TO HAVE HIM.

The great Deib Lohr Enrile or Deib and her SENSUI. He’s the famous battle striker and top bully. A loud and certified mama’s boy. A well-known personality and back to back to back to back MVP in his field of expertise – Basketball. He’s a perfect boyfriend material, though he laid his eyes first to Kimeniah Sirvey Gozon– I am glad that they did not last and end up together. He’s a true friend to Lee Roi Gozon and Yakiro Tobi Yanai. He’s sweet as honey and very expressive. He’s a loyalist but a jealousy one – always made himself jealous and tend to make wrong decisions that hurt them both. He’s cute in making lot of efforts to win her heart. HE HIT HER HEART. He made her feel loved and special. Made her feel different sensations that only he can give. He always has his ways. He has this gayish personality, a man who loves PDA, total clingy and an ultimate nagger. He’s always at her side as she find her true self. He accepted her and stayed though he seemed not to have a bit of idea of her true self and her identity seems like a puzzle. He stands and fought for her.

Loving her means yearning when she’s not around. He’s willing to risk all. He loves her that much that he can fight his sickness just to stay. Willing to wait for days, weeks, months and years everytime she got away. He’s willing to hear her explanations and accept her everytime she got back. He moved heaven and earth just to reach her. He always chases her even if it means that he’ll set foot to an alien land. He just loves her.

LOSING HER was very tragic. He’s ready to give her his promise of forever but then fate tricked and played with them. Watching her being sentenced to death was really devastating. It’s her fortune in accord to their law. It’s slowly and painfully killing him and was very hard for him to accept it. Moving on wasn’t that easy. He goes to places they used to go together and let himself drowned with their memories – that’s his way of coping up, of grieving, and of mourning.

HE LOVES HER – in the truest sense of the word.

Years later – HE BECAME SUCCESSFUL. He’s now a well-known engineer, a great businessman, and an artist – a painter actually. He made his dream possible. He moved-on. HE SURVIVED. SHE STAYED ALIVE and after five years of being guarded, as a consequence, SHE’s BACK – Alive and Kicking.



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MAXINEJIJI. I applaud and will always give a round of applause for such success. A woman who is creative and gutsy enough to make such work of genius. A super brilliant, extraordinary, and truly amazing knotty and twisted mind she has. One of the Philippines’ best authors. She made it difficult for others to copy her. Her book suits the interest and passion of booklovers. Made her readers stick. She offered complete package of genre. She is – quite literally- AWESOME.

No one had thought of a story that will bring such impact. The time that I decided to read HIH, it’s like simply choosing the best. She gave me this vibrant vibe. This heart of mine felt different feelings – to the point that I can’t stop myself from grinning, laughing, and smiling for the reason that the characters were so sweet, cute, and funny. Then came to the point of needing something by hand such as towel, tissue or handkerchief for I can’t help myself from crying when they’re hurting. It absolutely intoxicated my being. It brought overflowing emotions. My heart breaks together with Deib and crashes when Max’s feelings were wounded. I see the hearts that surrounds him when he’s happy and also felt the tingling sensation that she feels when he’s pulling sweet stuffs. I sing Britney Spears’ SOMETIMES together with his stereo, whenever she dances, and when he/she sings it. I also tend to write reviews when I can’t contain my emotions. I mourn together with him. I also hope as she hopes. STOP MEEEE! I also feel excited every Saturday since it’s the time of the week that she updates this story. Now this book has come to an end. Just like the other readers’ sentiments, I also wish for a happy ending and that they, Taguro and Sensui, will insist and prove that happy ever after do exist. It is one of the most read and best-selling books. Deserve to be seen and admired before it disappears. Likewise, I am looking forward to the upcoming movie or teleserye adaptation of this art.


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