I was the luckiest lass on the β€œTime of my Life”. It was TUESDAY when I saw COLDPLAY LIVE! I can’t even stop thinking about it, and trust me; the overflowing emotions’ just too hard to put into words. There are a lot of stories I wanted to enclose in this post but I just can’t – it’s just so overwhelming. I had never been in a big concert that had a well-known band – as in really WELL-KNOWN since Filipino’s were waiting them for decades. Brace yourselves – it’ll be a long one.


I gave up two concerts – The Vamps and Shawn Mendes’ World Tour just to be part of their crowd. Way back November, a friend tagged me in a post announcing the upcoming concert of Coldplay. Gosh, I kept myself updated. Facebook and Twitter has been my best friend that time. On the day of releasing of tickets, I just knew I HAD TO BUY, I HAD TO GO, and I’LL NEVER LET THIS PASS. I am actually a newbie concert go-er but if there was FEW concerts I had to go, this was one of them. Struggle was real when the floodgates opened and luckily I GOT ONE! Big thanks to the guy who offered to buy a ticket for me together with his since I’m seven folks away from the counter. IT STARTED TRENDING and apparently, tickets were SOLD-OUT in seconds and there were thousands left wanting. I had mine and all there was left was the wait til’ the concert day.


Coldplay Story #1
Imagine being on the GREY section to the GREEN one. FAST AND FREE. Spell swerte. B-H-A-I. TYSM concert organizers for giving us the best experience.
β€” at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.


Coldplay Story #2
Road trip to Manila 04/03/17 🚌
Struggle is real on that 10 hours bus ride. ☺️#AHFODTourMNL #ColdplayManila
β€” at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.


Coldplay Story #3
Concert Goal πŸ’ͺ
Bringing a picture of you and the ticket at the concert day itself.
First ever picture outside the venue. Lol. πŸ’•#AHFODTourManila
β€” at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

17800377_1258290714226690_8435603052498719143_n (1)

Coldplay Story #4
LOOK! πŸ™Š Coincidence or just my fate? 😍 I was pointing my finger at the Platinum section of the concert map in this photo taken hours before the concert. Shemsssss πŸ’• #AHFODTourMNL#ColdplayManila #TeamPlatinum
β€” at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.


Coldplay Story #5
Sea of people were lining up in their designated section at the entrance of the concert venue. Me, being the tricky witty one, just passed through them smoothly ’til I reached the main entrance for the GENERAL ADMISSION itself. Luckily, I met my concert buddy in there. Shems, kung di ko ‘yon ginawa, wala akong makikilalang cool na buddy πŸ‘­. Hi Lorraine πŸ‘‹ #AHFODTourMNL #ColdplayManila
β€” at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.


Coldplay Story #6
Humble Beginning ☺️
I was so lucky to be a #TeamCon though my ticket’s just in Gen Ad section. Yaaay. That “I am finally wearing this XYLOBAND” moment was surreal. Woooot wooot πŸ’ͺ #AHFODTourMNL#ColdplayManila
β€” at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.


Coldplay Story #7
GEN AD VIEW – My Original View. LOL
This is the actual view from the Gen Ad section. Very FAR, I know. The screen posted near the area has been our only way to see them. Well, that’s the cheapest section. “SWAK SA BUDGET” as what others say, however, it’s the experience that we’ll get matters the most. NEAR OR FAR – masasabi mong “Ando’n ako.” #AHFODTourMNL#ColdplayManila
β€” at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.


Coldplay Story #8
Everyone! She’s Lorraine my one-of-a-hell witty buddy. It just that – WE CLICKED! Maingay + Maingay = MASAYA; ALONE + ALONE = BUDDIES. Met her at the entrance of the venue. #AHFODTourManila #ColdplayManila
β€” at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.


Coldplay Story #9
Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that to happen. We’re at Gen Ad section when we entered the venue then we got out at the Platinum – section after VIP. AMAZING, ISN’T IT? 😁#AHFODTourMNL #ColdplayManila
β€” at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds


Coldplay Story #10
SOBRANG SWERTE – Out of thousands of people at the Gen Ad, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, nakakuha kami nung very very limited FREE TICKETS under Platinum. SOBRANG OVERWHELMED – Since nakalibre kami ng almost 16K for the ticket. SOBRANG FILLED WITH HAPPINESS YUNG HEART KO. This picture can tell the whole story. Charing.
#AHFODTourMNL #ColdplayManila
β€” at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.


Coldplay Story #11
Spectacular time indeed – hearing and seeing them LIVE. Yes, LIVE! Not through the big screens but LIVE NA LIVE. Okay, O.A. Sorna 😜
#AHFODTourMNL #ColdplayManila Cto ❀️
β€” at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.


Coldplay Story #12
Crowd’s xylobands lit up as the sky showered us with star-shaped confetti.
#AHFODTourMNL #ColdplayManila
β€” at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.


Coldplay Story #13
Look at the concert’s crowd. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW LUCKY I AM UPON RECEIVING THAT FREE TICKET TO PLATINUM SECTION? From that white arrow to the red one. Shems. PCD is real. Cto.
#AHFODTourMNL #ColdplayManila
β€” at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.


Coldplay Story #14
It’s TUESDAY when I had that time of my life. It’s been a week, indeed. Ughhh di ako maka-move-on pero it’s the best “feels” that I won’t stop feeling. πŸ’•BLURRRYYYYYY 😁
#AHFODTour #ColdplayManila


Spectacular time I would have – I said to myself as I watched the crowd built up and falling in line in their designated sections. The sea of people was increasing and the lines were very long few hours before the show. Me, being the tricky witty one, just passed through them smoothly – bad, I know. Lined up at the entrance for GENERAL ADMISSION, where I met my cool concert buddy – Lorraine.

The air was thick – as in very thick with anticipation. β€œI am about to hear the songs that I enjoyed listening to ever since I can’t remember when”. I thought to myself as we wait for the show – opening act- to start. Being at the General Admission Section, the sixth among the six sections was really hard. We’re trying hard to see the main stage but we’re already having hard time seeing the screen posted nearby to the point that we need to jump or tip-toe.

At 8:00 p.m., JESS KENT together with her drummer opened the show. They were playing and singing beautiful and upbeat songs that the crowd enjoyed for the first thirty minutes. After them, the crowd had to wait another thirty minutes for the show proper. In that thirty minutes, MY FATE THAT NIGHT CHANGED – BIG TIME! As we were strolling, I, together with my buddy noticed some fuss at the Gen Ad’s exit – out of curiosity, we got out and found out that a staff/organizer of the show were giving away very limited number of PLATINUM TICKETS. Out of persistence, we both got two of it. We were jumping out of joy. Squealing and screaming as the PLATINUM SECTION WELCOMED US! Gosh we were so happy! Come to think of it, there were thousands of people at the GENERAL ADMISSION, BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD, but we’re so lucky to have those tickets. We need not to tip-toe or jump just to see the screen, if we can just stand, see them up close, and enjoy the show.

Imagine there were thousands of people, 35,000 people to be exact.

My adrenaline went through the roof.

They put down a phenomenal concert of all times.

Before, I was wondering why lads and lassies spent so much for concert – buying VIP and other expensive sections if being on the cheapest one will bring the experience too. Now, I understand. After being at the Platinum section – the one next to VIP and the 2nd nearer section out of six, I can say that the feeling was momentously different. So if you are given a chance to see Coldplay or your idol, DO IT. You can earn money of same amount, but not the experience that a magical night has if you missed it.


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