Ola! I am Genevie Arciaga Estrebello.

I prefer BHAI 👸 instead of calling me by my first name.

I am a VOYAGER. I do travel and explore beautiful places.

I am a LOYALIST. I am likable, funny, and friendly. Also, warm, witty and compassionate.

I am a Catholic ⛪. Sorry Lord, I seldom go to church. I do have valid reasons and you know that. I love you LORD! 

I am a college graduate 🎓, took up a course from Business and Management Education field.
BS in Office Administration to be exact.

I’m a certified BOOKKEEPER and a Career Service Examination Professional Level Passer.

I am a certified FAN GIRL! Fan of several artists. Gosh! I so love Shawn Mendes, Jai Waetford, 5 Seconds of Summer, The Tide, The Vamps, Before You Exit, Hailee Steinfeld, The Chainsmokers, Ariana Grande, Greyson Chance, Troye Sivan, and many moooooore.

I am a frustrated blogger. HAHAHA

I am Young and 20. I am a teen no more! My twentieth stage’s officially unveiled, it begun four months ago. At first, I got terrified to get older. I got afraid to step on the next decade of my life. I got scared to have greater obligations. On the lighter note, I got excited on what this twentieth year of my life might bring to me, to the whole new older edition of me.

Being TWENTY means letting go of the immature side and lessening the childish part of us. Trying to do something new. Discovering ourselves. Facing and accepting changes. Surpassing challenges. Playing fair. Knowing what we want. Bringing out the potentials. Identifying and ranking our priorities. Being more responsible.  And most especially, developing the better version of ourselves.

As I started to embrace this new chapter of the story, I am slowly freeing myself on my nutshell. You see, I am not yet fully developed grown woman. I am still adjusting and will keep on adapting until I become what I want to become and not to what I must become.

I would love to describe myself in a not so arrogant but proper manner. LOL 😁

PS:  I have to go to school to see my critics (classmates). So SEE YOU LATER!

Yours Truly,
Arianna Grande. LOL

BHAI the Skinny