I would like to travel around the world and fill my passport with stamps. I want to reach both ends and poles of the Earth or visit the beautiful gardens of Japan. Stopover at Rome and ride in a two-story bus of London. Take a selfie with the Statue of Liberty and capture a jump shot with the pyramid of Giza in Egypt as my background. Live in a countryside house in United States or stay up in the clouds- in a high up house and roof of the world, Tibet. I dream to be in the biggest country – Russia, or even just in the biggest city, in Mexico City. Dance with the people during festivals or attend a wedding where bank-notes were pinned to the couples’ clothes in Greece or Turkey. Feel the kiddie-spirit of Disneyland and feel the “feels” of a potter head in Japan. Meddle with true Koreans and eat Korean foods. Get along with Aussies. Follow my favorite band or artist as they perform in Madison Square Garden or tour the globe. I wish to reach the approximately 190 countries. I would like to leave my footprints there. Most of all, I want to lose count with the places that I’ve been unto.

            I want to fly in an airplane, look at the window, and just watch the clouds as it passes by. I want to ride in a cruise ship and conquer the waters. I want to sleep in the bus during the whole duration of my trip to nowhere.

            For a starter like me, visiting local but astonishing places is the perfect first step. Discover your own land first. Appreciate the places that HE gave to your land. The Pearl of the Orient Sea, the Philippines, has numerous places a traveler can visit. Come to think of it, we have more than 7000 islands, several breath-taking and serene beaches, historical houses, astounding land forms, and thrilling obstacle fields. We have too many varieties of delicacies. And Filipinos are truly hospitable.

            So you see, sometimes we need to do a little more than the usual. In short, leveling up. You’ll get better result. Once you do, you’ll just find yourself feeling more relaxed and looking much better and happy. In traveling, you’ll take out your savings, however, you will gain experiences that you’ll bring forever.